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  • for lurkers join me

    The fact that you have people like me making low effort posts shows that whatever you're trying to do here isn't working.

    apologizing as a default should be a good example of how the community persieves mods/admins here as trigger-happy.

    I got no warnings btw. I was rank-locked or whatever just because I'm telling the hard truth. The event will never result in people actually participating.

    I want to offer solutions but no one is willing to listen.

    My impression right now is that admins/mods don't like people disturbing the status quo. They like the rank system because it empowers them and they won't allow anyone saying anything negative cuz they can't find a good argument against anything I'm saying

    I'd like a good conversation and to see if I can understand the point behind this event.

    All I ask for is logic.


    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: Yesterday 20:34

    226 member(s)
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  • 18+ Mugen Sharing

    Here we can link or view chars made by others- this is to speed up the process of making mugen a dirty game.

    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: Yesterday 20:33

    725 member(s)
  • Dragon Ball World

    here is where we talk about all things related to DB,DBZ, DBGT, and more. Join the group and lets talk DBZ

    Last Activity: 24th February 2020 21:21

    294 member(s)
  • Hip Hop

    There are barely any music based groups here so here's one for hip hop.

    Category: Music Fan Clubs
    Last Activity: 24th February 2020 21:21

    10 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Is Tupac still alive hiding?
  • Gamindustri

    A group for people who enjoy neptunia(made by someone who is new to mugen and frankly Is quite uninteresting)

    Category: Game Fan Clubs
    Last Activity: 24th February 2020 21:21

    8 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • final fantasy fan club

    welcome to a group of which the apreciation for final fantasy is very high. if you love final fantasy and want a club to join then here is your answer all final fantasys are open for discussion from the main ones even to the spinoffs all final fantasy fans are welcome to this community and final fantasy content is encouraged.

    Category: Game Fan Clubs
    Last Activity: 24th February 2020 21:20

    This is a private group.
  • Sonic The Hedgehog Group

    If you like Sonic The Hedgehog than this is the group for you!

    Category: Game Fan Clubs
    Last Activity: 24th February 2020 21:19

    130 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Favorite Sonic game ?
  • Lurkers lurkers lurkers

    hi lurkers, list off your favorite games or something like that

    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: 24th February 2020 19:43

    42 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    favorite games?
  • Brasileiros Criadores de Conteúdo MUGEN/Brazilian MUGEN Content Creators

    Seja Bem-vindo a comunidade de Criadores Brasileiros de Conteúdos para a plataforma de Jogos de luta "MUGEN", Aqui você pode Postar seus Chars, Stages, Lifebars, Screenpacks e outros tipos de conteúdo.


    1 - Não é permitido postar imagens de *****/******/****ografia (Principalmente se for de Conteúdo R18 Para MUGEN, Tipo os chars: Kuromaru, Slime_plus e etc, E os stages/screenpacks.) Se fizer, será banido desse grupo por 7 dias.

    2 - Não faça spam ou Nenhum anúncio não relacionado ao MUGEN, Se fizer, Você será permanentemente banido do grupo.

    3 - Ameaças de Morte são ruins e Pode se fizer uma irá ser Permanentemente banido do grupo.

    4 - Não faça comentários racistas. Se fizer, Será banido por 4 dias.

    5 - Seguir as regras é normal para um usuário que entenda bem as coisas.

    6 - Aproveite-se e curta o grupo.

    Category: MUGEN Groups
    Last Activity: 24th February 2020 18:00

    9 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    O Formato CNS
  • Anime is love, Anime is life

    If you love anime, join this group!

    Last Activity: 24th February 2020 17:59

    182 member(s)
    Latest Discussion:
    Jojos Big funny