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What stands do you want in M.U.G.E.N?

  1. vegas
    This thread is SPECIFICALLY for saying what stands from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure you want in MUGEN.
  2. JeyemMugen
    It would be nice if we had The Hand, D4C, along with Stone Free.
  3. EggNog
    I'd like to see Ball Breaker implemented with a Gyro character in some way, even if in just a super move. And I agree with Jeyem, D4C, the Hand, and Stone Free would be dope. I'd also want some Kiss, Diver Down, Weather Report, Aerosmith, Metallica, and Scary Monsters love.
  4. Your mom
    Your mom
    I'd like to see a Mariah char with implemented mechanics for Bastet, like in ASB where Rohan's non-stand attacks can prevent the opponent from using specials or basic attacks. But i think i just want these JoJo chars to be more advanced in general.
  5. vegas
    I personally want the Chariot and that one stand which makes you younger as you stand under it's shadow.
  6. animemorelikeanigay
    In general i'd like to see part 6 & 7 stands. D4C, Scary Monsters, Kiss, Stone Free, Mandom, Diver Down, Weather Report, Sky high.
  7. Joeydogg1
    I say add a killer queen stand and heirophant green on it's own. It would be interesting
  8. Eriquano
    The World Alternate Universe and D4C.
  9. Memes23
    I would like to see Aerosmith be used in Mugen more. It can be used well in Mugen, it just someone needs to code more moves into a Narancia character.
  10. undeadyugi
    I would love to see gold experience requiem, tusk 4, echoes act 3, and za warudo. I would love to see echoes say lets kill the hoe *****.
  11. kgold
    now hear me out pocolocco with hey ya! because his spites would be him screwing up and some how hitting you and his ultimate could the dio roadroller cause hes so lucky, idk just a thought
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