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This Group is about helping each other with making Screen Packs and Stages.
If your not a Expert on making Mugen Character, but you want to learn the Basic of screen packs, life bars, Intros,Game Overs and also Mugen Stages Background this the place for you :D

Here the Rules..
1. Don't share your incomplete work to everyone. We don't like haft *** complete work xD
2. Share your work to the Public if your going to show case it
3. Don't be selfish and share your knowledge with other if they need help with screen pack or stages
4. Be nice and understanding don't be rude and don't be a Cyber Bully
5. Don't do other people project. Be independent
6.Don't abuse or take advantage of are help when helping u with stages and screen pack trouble shooting
please give us credit for are hard work.

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