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What made you like Sonic?

  1. Santajp123
    What made you like the blue blur and his games?
  2. Plusle2019
    I dont care about Sonic the character but i do likr sonic heroes and sonic advance 3
  3. mrtisdalee
    I played sonic heroes when I was 5
  4. TheWhiteDevil27
    Most likely the character designs, Sonic Gems Collection for the Gamecube, and Sonic X
  5. Greensonic2006
    i just liked playing sonic heroes when i was 6, cause gameplay seemed fun, and the rest was history
  6. St4rWolf
    Sonic Unleashed for ps2 was one of the first vídeo games i ever played, i started to like Sonic since that.
  7. kater15
    To be honest, I don't remember when I started to like Sonic (I had Sonic items when I was just a baby), but I remember that the first game in the series I played was Sonic 2 from Mega Drive.
  8. Z.W.'s Stuff
    Z.W.'s Stuff
    Watching Sonic X on Television made me like Sonic The Hedgehog/
  9. Peepz178
    When I was four years old I had seen an episode of Mario Bros Z (I was a fan of Mario at that time), suddenly a blue hedgehog appeared, fast and very strong.
    At that time I did not know him and as I learned to read and write at that middle age (very rare not? XD) I searched for "blue hedgehog" and I appeared two videos about my two favorite songs that I will always remember ...
    His World & Live & Learn.
    From there I am more fanatic of the blue hedgehog and not of the plumber with mustache.
  10. Animex
    I just do and it is just classic it was around when I was young just like mario
  11. PatkaGameZ
    Watching Sonic X or Movie Sonic is made me like Sonic The Hedgehog
  12. ilovesega
    I owned a really good sega racing game call sonic and sega all stars racing on wii. You guys should check it out!
  13. Infernape for smash
    Infernape for smash
    maybe cause hes an anthormorthic character and i liked that. And my first sonic game was sonic heroes and was really good and still is really good.
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