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What made you like Sonic?

  1. Santajp123
    What made you like the blue blur and his games?
  2. Plusle2019
    I dont care about Sonic the character but i do likr sonic heroes and sonic advance 3
  3. mrtisdalee
    I played sonic heroes when I was 5
  4. TheWhiteDevil27
    Most likely the character designs, Sonic Gems Collection for the Gamecube, and Sonic X
  5. Greensonic2006
    i just liked playing sonic heroes when i was 6, cause gameplay seemed fun, and the rest was history
  6. St4rWolf
    Sonic Unleashed for ps2 was one of the first vídeo games i ever played, i started to like Sonic since that.
  7. kater15
    To be honest, I don't remember when I started to like Sonic (I had Sonic items when I was just a baby), but I remember that the first game in the series I played was Sonic 2 from Mega Drive.
  8. Z.W.'s Stuff
    Z.W.'s Stuff
    Watching Sonic X on Television made me like Sonic The Hedgehog/
  9. Peepz178
    When I was four years old I had seen an episode of Mario Bros Z (I was a fan of Mario at that time), suddenly a blue hedgehog appeared, fast and very strong.
    At that time I did not know him and as I learned to read and write at that middle age (very rare not? XD) I searched for "blue hedgehog" and I appeared two videos about my two favorite songs that I will always remember ...
    His World & Live & Learn.
    From there I am more fanatic of the blue hedgehog and not of the plumber with mustache.
  10. Animex
    I just do and it is just classic it was around when I was young just like mario
  11. PatkaGameZ
    Watching Sonic X or Movie Sonic is made me like Sonic The Hedgehog
  12. ilovesega
    I owned a really good sega racing game call sonic and sega all stars racing on wii. You guys should check it out!
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