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Ideas for a Detective Pikachu 2 or a new Pokemon live action film

  1. PikminPro64X
    I really enjoyed watching Detective Pikachu and it left me wondering what would the sequel be like? And what influence could the movie bring to other possible live-action movies set in the Pokemon universe? What new Pokemon could they bring to life? Before I watched Detective Pikachu, I googled to see if Gardevoir was in the movie. I wanted to see what my favorite Pokemon would look like in the real world. I would have been ok if Sirknight wasn't in the movie. But I felt a little pain in me when I found out Gardevoir was planned to be in the movie but was cut!! No!!! Now I hate the movie, boycott it-no just kidding! I really loved the movie as it made me feel like a kid again! But I think we might see Gardevoir and Golbat in the next Detective Pikachu movie since many fans were disappointed they were cut from the first film.

    What are your thoughts though? What live-action Pokemon movies do you want to see? What Pokemon do you what to see in real life? Comment away!
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