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What EFZ characters do you have in your Mugen?

  1. Juu-bei7
    Please list any AI, voice patches, etc so that we can share our setups with each other

    I have several:
    Kanna by 586 (Yuka AI)
    Mai Kawasumi MVC by 586 (kzn AI)
    Kaori Misaka by rouge noir (Yuka AI)
    Nayuki Minase (awake) by 586 (eruk AI + voice patch)
    Doppel Nanase by frule (AI version)
    Misuzu by Hanma (Uma AI)

    Edit: Forgot to list Unknown by Hanma (Uma AI)
  2. Um cool
    Um cool
    These are most characters I'll get on my roster.
    Netyzh AI is a must.

    Kanna by 586 (Netyzh)
    Sayuri by 586 (Netyzh)
    Kano by 586 (Netyzh)
    Minagi by 586 (Netyzh)
    Ikumi by 586 (Netyzh)
    Ikumi by Toshi (Netyzh)
    Makoto by BF (Netyzh)
    Mayu by BF (Netyzh)
    Unknown by 586 (yuka)
    Unknown by hanma
    Mishio by 586 (yuka)
    Akane by rakurai
    Akane by 586 (I'm not sure about the AI patch. I checked HAL's on the website but it doesn't seem to be the same at all)
    Misaki by 586 (^)
    Misuzu by 586 (^)

    I'm more interested in 586 characters with AI patches. I dropped Mai by 586 (Eruk) because it wasn't good enough and Doppel by frule (Netyzh) because kinda bored me.
    Also if you have a Nagamori that competes with these characters I would love that.
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