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any list of moves for do compatibles characters?

  1. yifferman
    yeah, i see much characters but most of them are not compatible whit some characters because, only are ****. so, any list of moves or part for make the compatibles whit the agresor chars?
  2. yifferman
    no reply to this post?
  3. yifferman
    too boring to stay here...
  4. Forrrester_81
    yeah thats a real issue for me too...some chars are not get along fine in game..:))..I want to learn which ones are more compatible..
  5. Schwi-Dola
    Why not grab the move list off the the most famous aggressors and victims then edit the sprites accordingly to the moves?
    (I would probably just grab the whole character export the sprites from it edit the sprites with the ones I want, export it the sprite editor tool, re-import back into the character sprite sheet as an override and TADA your own new character with most compatible move list for most victim or aggressor characters :P just be sure to but a readme or edit the read me to make for credits of the sprites or characters
  6. Soviet Spycrab
    Soviet Spycrab
    I don't know if this is exactly what you're asking, but what I do is get an aggressor that's compatible with lots of characters (like gettag's Roxy) and test her out on a chosen victim to see if the victim is compatible with other aggressors
  7. yifferman
    i need the number of action and sprites, but, after search much moves cant be compatibles
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