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Do you use Capcom characters?

  1. YourPalNyx
    Even if you don't use them, it's still okay. If not, tell us what you like to use. It will also help just learning about the many types of characters there are to use.

    Expand our minds. :)
  2. RHGG_EZ
    my favourite capcom characters are dante and ryu
  3. Revanchest
    Totes, they just seem (this will come off bad) but more well rounded characters? Obvious bias as I grew up with my dad teaching me how to play street fighter when I was young but yeah, I try to pick up other characters from other formats and I just cannot get the hang of them unless they are cvs converted, just love capcom characters and every mugen I've made (3 total) has a wealth of capcom characters/format support :)
  4. kater15
    It will be very rare to find someone who doesn't use the capcom chars, for example I have already lost count of how many I have.
  5. Uyulala
    Have not used them for a long time, now even i had Karin and Zangief there -.-
  6. Manuz
    Obvious! Impossible not to use Capcom characters ... and I use many characters from other software houses or anime, mangas, comics edited with Capcom gameplay like MvC and CvS
  7. Uyulala
    Not so obvious, before my roster got contaminated it was being done very well.
  8. Manuz
    @Uyulala I have no doubt about this ... but I think your roster now is better!
    Of course, I just wanted to say that Capcom created the first modern fighting game in history ... for this reason, it's almost impossible to never have used a Capcom character ... at least I think so ... but I also think that, today, there are many fans of SNK absolutely biased and ignorant that do not accept the reality objective ... this is not related to you but to many other users mugen
  9. Uyulala
    Oh? Yes, of course my roster is better now, because they are no longer there, that's why i "had" them
    Capcom chars always end annoying me sooner or later.
  10. Manuz
    Uff...Mi hermana Uyulala ... siempre es mala conmigo ... mala! ��
  11. Mortos
    Yes, with my favorites being Ruby Heart, The Red Earth Crew, The Rival Schools Gang and The Resident Evil Group.
  12. Anthony9000
    There are many for me, but my top 5 are:

    Guile (Street Fighter 2)
    Hsien-Ko (Darkstalkers 3)
    Akuma (SFA3)
    Gambit (MvC1)
    Tron Bonne (MvC2)
  13. Faber
    If I think of what Capcom has created in more than thirty years of activity, series like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Megaman. The answer can only be yes, also because, my humble opinion, Capcom has created the best fighting games of always.
  14. Aaugust1204
    The first Street Fighters characters, the traditional ones.
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