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Character Wishlist

  1. Electro-Soul
    Something I feel should work as a good ice breaker. Short, simple, and a real brain scratcher on what characters you want made. For me, there are plenty. If you got a character you want, just say it. Wanna go even further, show how they would play or if they were just simple re-edits, what characters would they be based off of?

    As of right now, the two characters on the very top of my wishlist are Okoye (Black Panther) and Jessica Jones (Alias). Okoye, I'm not sure who she'd be based off of, but Jessica, I think Blair Dame would fit best.
  2. Crypticism88
    I have a group of characters that I absolutely would love to see in Mugen. They are Dart, Rose, Lloyd, Lavitz, Albert, Kongol, Meru, & Haschel from the video game The Legend Of Dragoon.

    That is one of my absolute favorite RPGs from the PS1, and I rarely see anything regarding them. I once created Dart in Cladun for the PSP, and hope to create him for Mugen once I finally learn the process.

    I would for them to have their normal form, and their dragoon form with special attacks from the game.

    I would totally dedicate a separate Mugen game for them alone ^_^
  3. Crypticism88

    This is Dart in his normal and Dragoon forms.
  4. GatoDeBarro
    I would really love to see Jackie Estacado or some character from TopCow
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