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Where can I find x 23 char?

  1. Silverman
    please help me
  2. milbury
    Why would you want one? She's literally the comics equivalent of a lazy spriteswap. Wolverine as jailbait girl, woo I definitely want to read about that.
    But to be (semi) helpful, there isn't currently any X-23 character in MUGEN (and God willing, there never will be). There's a Squirrel Girl and an Angela, though, if you absolutely need to scratch your terrible character itch.
  3. Mortos
    He probably wants her just to have the UMvC3 roster mugenized, if you look it she is one of the few chars left from that roster that hasn't been made, i personally could care less about her, heck i would love to see a RE5 Jill or Amateratsu before her. But if you're interested, Logansam is making her, i don't know if he is still making her or he got mad again because "MUH SPRITES!!!" but i guess you could ask him.
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