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The ending of the Tournament of Power.

  1. SaiyanChaos
    Wanna see what you guys think of this. How do you guys think the Tournament of Power will end? I would personally want Vegeta gets eliminated by Jiren, Toppo eliminates 17 then Gohan eliminates Toppo. Dyspo eliminates Gohan and Frieza eliminates Dyspo. Then Its down to Frieza, Goku and Jiren. Fireza sits back and lets Goku fight Jiren at the end. Then Goku and Jiren eliminate each other at the same time and then Frieza wins. Thats just me though.
  2. Ace Destruction
    Ace Destruction
    Well, you were right about the Vegeta eliminated thing, but considering this was made on January 14, can't really blame you for the facts. Anyway, I think that the tournament of power (Where it is right now) will end because of the time limit, I think that this will happen because why would they introduce the time limit and keep saying it after every episode. Although this might happen, I also think that it might not happen, and it could easily be a tie, or one person might win between Goku and Jiren.
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