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How are all of you doing on your journey to rank out of lurker?

  1. Memes23
    Hello everyone and happy Saturday. I hope you are all doing well trying to rank out of lurker. If you'd like to help, what is the easiest way to rank out of lurker?
  2. Waterbottle
    Keep posting in everything you see as long as it isn't spam.
  3. kenneil luke
    kenneil luke
    so we have to act like we have no lives and post on this when ever we see something ... well seems like admin is gangster'in people to be on here every day
  4. AltOmega
    Do you guys like stuff?
  5. lil koichi
    lil koichi
    I am very tired. I'm just trying to have something fun to do this weekend. Hopefully I the grind finishes soon
  6. BoomBoom_Lady
    i just wanted to make my own mugen like the youtubers on youtube, why are they being hard on us like that and i read the main post for the group and was like "thats crazy" cause its honestly stupid, your making a pointless event to prevent others like us who mind you JUST JOINED and didnt even give us time to acclimate the websites environment and some of are just looking to play an offline game when we dont have internet or like others were just trying to make a low budget game to play when we cant afford HIGH END pc's like the admin or youtubers or just pc builders in general so its just crazy to me how so many new comers get treated, and it hasnt even been a full week since i joined either. like i said before.....its just crazy to me man.
  7. ilovesega
    i am ****ing dying i have -5793 points please help me out of this jail cell called "no criticism" gn bois
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