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If you had a Stand, what would be it's ability and name?

  1. GabDPanda
    I'd name my stand Cutting Crew and my ability would be able to become one with anything, can also shred everything from inside the person/object i am in, i can also control the thing or person i am inside in, i'd also be able to shred myself into multiple pieces, i can go inside the ground and destroy everything beneath it, my threads (when i shred myself into pieces) are immune to fire or anything related to heat (I.E lasers, etc) i am able to become one with the habitat i am in and freely control it, if another stand punches me i can turn my body into threads (paper like structures) to act as a defense mechanism, that's my stand : Cutting Crew
    Strength : C
    Speed : A
    Range : A
    Staying : C
    Precision : B
    Learning : E
  2. wallruse
    Smooth Criminal. It would be a humaniod looking stand and it can turn things into marbles. Not one object is one marble, but as many marbles as it takes to be the size of that object. When something turns into marbles they slowly try to come back to it's original form, the marbles will roll up walls or around objects in order to get where they need to be. It can also take marbles from people's brain and make them go crazy (make them loose their marbles)
  3. LeAtomturd
    Nebula, i would be able to controll the particles in the envoirement to create clouds of gass. I would ofcourse be able to shape and for the gass in any way i want/desire.
  4. KatsukiBakugou
    hierophant green 'cus nobody can deflect my emerald splash
  5. purpleplaya277
    My stand would be named Pot Head and it would just be a human sized ********* leaf and if people would try to attack me it would blow smoke at them and the after effects of inhaling said smoke would be the victim becomes too hungry to persue me anymore cause im hungry as hell all the time
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