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Opinions on Sword and Shield?

  1. TonyAyers
    I haven't been able to buy the game yet, but I'm interested to see how they've handled everything with the new release of Sword and Shield. I've heard a mixed reception with it and was interested to see any fresh opinions on it--whether for, against, or neutral. I personally do like most of the new Pokemon and regional types introduced. I'm not too sure how I feel about the Gigant system and split gym mechanic/approach, but I am still eager to see what this game and region has to offer the Pokemon community! Please let me know what you think, if you'd like!
  2. TheWhiteDevil27
    I will never buy Sword and/or Shield as they look like a big middle finger to the Pokemon franchise and its fans due to obvious reasons. Somebody else needs to develop the main series games other than Game Freak. The franchise honestly has been going downhill since Gen 7.
  3. TonyAyers
    Oh yeah, I definitely get where you're coming from. I do think another company needs to handle it as well. Gamefreak hasn't been handling the franchise well at all. It's kind of saddening to see how they've gone out of their way to change and omit things in a way that isn't very inviting to long-standing players and fans of the franchise. Thanks for the feedback, by the way! I really appreciate the insight!
  4. DragonLugia
    I am late to this, but generally the game has the potential to be really fun. Depending on what you call fun really. Like for me, I like getting shiny Pokemon or do a couple battles here and there. Sword and Shield kinda gives that little oomph compared to Gen 7. Where it took me forever to even have a small chance of shiny hunting. And then did some weird strats as a joke. Though Sword and Shield does gives room to do that. Though if you are the kind of person who wants all the Pokemon in one game (via the national dex), love a great adventure, or have a wonderful time in the end game, then it is not really the kind of game for ya. The game was indeed made easier, but it really did help out someone like my little sister. As she likes to avoid battles and purely likes catching Pokemon. The game does have the content, and of course countless amount of exploits. Having a small restriction on yourself can make the game stressful, depending on the run. Like a Snom only run.
  5. Sonofzook
    Haven't played it, but my little sister says it's good
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