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Starting out fresh.

  1. shiiiino
    It's simple. Just link chars you thought were extremely good. It doesn't have to be from this website either!
  2. dimmucof
    First one to link something, eh? Well, I really enjoy this version of Brian Battler, https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...ax-le-n-gettag. He can do infinites like Bao, or Dong Hwang, unfortunately a lot of characters that are compatible with all Bao or Hwang infinites, aren't with this character. At least not every position. There are some that are though, like the Psylocke_EOH is compatible with almost every aggressor. Here's a link for her: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...dited-by-gesu-. Really wish they'd make more compatible with Brian, if I didn't find sprite making and all that extremely complicated, I'd do it myself. Anyway, those are two I really enjoyed. I'll post some more if anyone is actually paying attention to this group lol.
  3. fross09
    Hi I'm new here, I'm probably not supposed to be here, because I'm not doing MUGEN, (My old MUGEN game had 450+ QUALITY characters, and some of them I custom edited myself to the style of the D.O.A. series complete with counter moves, If i still had the files i would have uploaded the characters here, not to toot my own horn, but they were amazing. With the addition of the counter moves, you were able to combat the ever present cheating MUGEN AI effectively. I was sad to lose my KOF edits, i really miss my Angel edit) but i guess I'm here because I find MUGEN sprites to be a great resource to use as reference characters for a game that I am currently developing.... I joined this group because it was the most interesting on the list, and i guess you could say I'm using you guys (hate to put it that way) to up my rank.. but if i do somehow resurrect my old edits you'll be the first to know.
  4. yifferman
    so, is it the only theme?, no tutprial or something to made compatibles the characters whit the rpers?
  5. yifferman
    this place is dead
  6. TMyers8732
    I'm surprised that nobody did a [+18] version of Lien Neville from KOF: Maximum Impact (https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...kalumon-anhell). In my personal opinion, that would be hot if she was compatible with a lot of aggressors!!
  7. yifferman
    i could do, but i dont have permission to do it
  8. Forrrester_81
    Yupps ^^ we need a good deteiled guide for compabilitiess wth charss ı guess..who can do what or which wersions are more good..:<3
  9. symeth
    Hey all..... can i know how to get my char strip or **** when they defeated? And im a newbie :). Nice to meet u all....
  10. symeth
    how? any tutorial??
  11. symeth
    also is there any certain mugen that can do rip cloth?
  12. yifferman
    exist a program for custom defeted in 2nd round, in that you can put a code... but i dont know where is in this place.
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