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Which JoJo anime part do you think is the best?

  1. JtheSaltyy
    As you may know, JoJo’s is split up into parts. Though we all eagerly await the animation of Stone Ocean (part 6) to be animated, we can still appreciate what he have so far. Out of the 5 animated parts we have so far, which one do you personally prefer out of all of them?

    For me, I prefer Battle Tendency because I like the design of the characters and their voices, as well as how great the animation was. Though I already knew what was going to happen, I still felt like seeing part 2 for the first time. It was truly an experience for me :)

    What do you guys think?
  2. Boltingcrown337
    I think that part 4 gets a bit of hate, but i personally like it, because there's a good villan, a likable main character, The OP's are awesome, and the fights.
  3. Guaxinimloko
    Part 1, because SpeedWagon is the best waifu!
  4. Z.W.'s Stuff
    Z.W.'s Stuff
    Mostly after Part 3...
  5. Z.W.'s Stuff
    Z.W.'s Stuff
    Part 3: Stardust Crusaders because it's got an epic storyline. And the characters look stunning as well
  6. Memes23
    A tie between Part 3 and 5, thoug I like part 3 more.
  7. Despair1
    Part 2 because I liked the pillar men and part 4 was pretty cool
  8. 4olhos
    part 4 in my opinion, have my 2 favourite protagonist in jojo, the 2 best villain, a cool history and the best end
  9. Zeppe
    Part 2 made me start loving JoJo, but the part 5 fights are hard to beat
  10. RayP5
    Definitely part 4, it has such a likable protagonist who has such a cool stand. Its cleaner character design lets it differentiate itself from the stone mask/Dio arc. This part has also got one of the best JoJo villains who himself in my opinion has the best JoJo villain stand, Killer Queen. Also the whole 'Bites za Dust' arc was such and entertaining section of the part.
  11. souskedurashi
    I like part five for giro no geovana but i do like part 4 as well. But jotaro kujo is the main man for me so ill go with part 3 stardust
  12. Gonzalo14
    I really dont know every part is best in their way
  13. GamerFlame718
    Part 5 is a very close second but I absolutely have to go with Part 4.
    I mean, they both have their strengths imo, like Part 5 has better action but I think Part 4 has the better story of the two.
    Also I like JoJolion and that's basically AU Part 4 lol
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