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Volume 7 - Coming Soon!

  1. Arethousleepy
    So, with all that's been revealed up to now? What do you think is most likely to happen? What do you like so far? Personally, all the outfits are great but Ruby and Yang could use a little more "spice", with perhaps Ruby having some more white (or even blue but I feel like that wouldn't work) to reflect on her relationship with Weiss and as such with Yang and Blake. From what has been announced, it'll come out this November 2 but that's tentative and subject to change (it most likely will). Personally, I am excited and I feel like this will be a great volume with the two new writers and with how good volume 6 was.

    So, like mentioned earlier, what are your thoughts?
  2. alukard100
    Well I'm watching the newest volume and waiting for more episodes, tbh I'm so happy Penny is back AND with a whole new set of abilities, oh and, to be honest I was kinda shocked when I found out how Penny is being built
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