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New Dragon ball Xenovrerse 2 update post

  1. kmister
    Hey everyone, I have been looking up some updates on the newly announce DBZ game and they are really good. There now larger hubs so now you can fly in the hub world! You can visit other worlds like Namek and cities to. There are new transformations states for Majins, Sayians, and Friezas class (they haven't said anything for the Namekians and humans yet but they said there will be some surprises. I will be looking more into that). New and unique character costumes like perfect Cell costume and the baby Vegeta outfit and you no longer have to weary about the effects on clothing in the previous game cause there is none in the new one. I feel like there will be more updates coming for the later future and I will be posting them all here. And if you want me to go in-depth with anything I said let me know. Now I ask you, are you planning on getting the new Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 game? And if you are, what are you most looking forward to it and why?
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