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I want to learn how to make a 99 combo

  1. DaB0y
    Have anyone ever made a 99 combo? Is that possible? (Without glitches)
  2. Neo Nedd
    Neo Nedd
    Well, idk if it's possible, but if u have the right keys configured, u can do preety decent combos, but the key to find those (definetily not an intended pun) is to see how easy can ur hands coordinate the moves and their position, for example, u can use the numberpad for the attacks and wasd for the movement, that's so far the best i've got, and combined with spamming, u can do quite some combos, but overrall, practice is what makes it perfect. Edit: Also, may i add that choosing characters is quite important, as each character has it's moveset that needs to be learned for making special moves, hope it helps.
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