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Lets talk about Sonic in Mugen

  1. Al7onny21
    Hello! i`m new in the community and in the group too.

    i want to start this discussion, about Sonic in the Mugen games, i mean... There aren`t much Sonic mugens, and there aren`t so much GOOD chars/stages of Sonic.
    What do you think about it? Whats your favourite Sonic mugen? and your favourite Sonic char? Why do you think that Sonic don`t have many things on mugen?
  2. FlareGamer64
    Favourite Sonic character, Spritewise Sonic by SeanAlty, gameplaywise Sonic Mania by RoySquadRocks
    As for stages, Green Hill Zone by Wou and Mirage Saloon Zone by ShiroTori
  3. Um cool
    Um cool
    I don't really play Sonic Mugen games, but I do have a Mugen dedicated to Sega characters.
    Sonic Mania by RoySquadRocks is probably the best Sonic in Mugen.
    Claymizer's I feel is overrated. MugenHunter's is just too weird for me (I use Veanko's though.) Same with Neo Sonic. SeanAltly's is... just there. Don't understand the appeal for this version.
    My favorite Sonic character is pretty much all of Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Dr. Eggman). I even like Maria because she reminds me of myself a lot. My favorite Sonic character in Mugen is RoySquadRock's Sonic Mania
    And "doesn't have many things on Mugen?" I think you mean "doesn't have many high quality things on Mugen" because just looking at the Sonic characters category alone on this site only surpasses pretty much every video game category on the site except "Super Mario" meaning that Sonic is the second most popular non-fighting/non-anime/whatever else series in Mugen. Without Sonic the Sega category only has 213 characters.
  4. PikminPro64X
    I recommend trying the Green Hill Zone Boss by Supermystery. It is the Eggman boss from the original Sonic and includes the boss stage and music!
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