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Current progress, and slow development report!

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There she is. She almost done for alpha (meaning no skill whatsoever, just basic movement and and AI combo).
Yes, i've been working on her on veeeeeeeeery slow pace as i have sheer commitment irl stuff. I have no longer able to spent time with mugen or in front of my laptop with my current working task and stuff.

Anyway, i'm still working on refining few more of her stuff before asking few people to test on her AI. I could test her by myself, but i rather let someone who unfamiliar with her to test her AI and combo.

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  1. Finola's Avatar
    I am very happy to hear that there is news from Yami-Kula!
    She looks very impressive.

    The time you use to create her is appreciated... Keep it up!
  2. Brawllux's Avatar
    It is gratifying to hear that this character is still being built and developed. Looks absolutely perfect
  3. MattiChine00's Avatar
    That looks so cool asf! Wish i could learn to do my characters as well one day.
  4. xxcountekillerxx's Avatar
    Even the alpha version is so good I love it :P
  5. BlackApollo09's Avatar
    She's looking so dope it's kinda nostalgic
  6. CrisTheBoss1227's Avatar
    Looks cool af this will be a very cool character can't wait.
  7. JCCloverman's Avatar
    Looks absolutely amazing. I'm not familiar with the character but the stance has a definite attitude!