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Yami Kula (remade) progress status.

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Progress : 20%.

I'm taking this too long to update her, due university, job interview, pregnancy, and i lost all my yami kula assets (null generator, 1gb of uhd sfx, sprite and bunch of codes - Courtesy of Ced, SM, Panda and Stonekfm), because my old laptop ex-hd no longer working 5 months ago.

SO far, i had to re-create her by using old kula files (David Demianoff (KOFM AI patch), 119way) as template for her. Might release non-cheap yami kula (without ohko, wide-screen damage, reversal, no skills). She will be just pure, fighter without special skill.

And yes, this is Yami Kula reboot. Since she is the first Dark-type kula released 10 years ago with bunch of codes mixed with null-tier stuff taken, modify and generate with all those messed up Alsiel's stuff (with help of StoneKFM, Samsara, Lunatic, Oriechalkos, SM, Panda).

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