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My End Game

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Greetings all! I am "The Poochmaster" and I am a one man game designer and story writer. I love video games and love to create, even more! So far I've been getting a feel for MUGEN. It's an interesting thing to build on. Making characters for it is pretty cool, but one thing I am a big Street fighter fan! Yes i love SF. Mostly alpha 3 and 3rd strike. So I am dedicating some time to them now. Just for a while.

What is my end game here? I want to create and add characters that were not included in the SF games, but were a part of the SF series, whether it be manga, game, cartoon, or movie based characters. I want them here!

I don't yet know how to create MUGEN characters from the bones outward, but I'm doing my best not to make crap characters that people can enjoy.

So to the fans! Much Love!!!!

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  1. Dizzy's Avatar
    Nice, and would be even better with some screenies.
    Like this : https://i.imgur.com/0CE8ZQF.png

    I wish you best luck and I hope you can get help from @chuchoryu or @armin_iuf who are experienced and talented spriters.