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How to add stages and characters

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Step 1 -

Find your character or stage. If you are a lurker, it will be harder since most characters are stored in MugenArchive. If you are a lurker, I suggest googling MUGEN (What stage/character you're looking for) or MUGEN characters.

Step 2 -

Once you have your characters/stages. Find your select.def.It can be in any directory depending on your screenpack. But assuming you have the default MUGEN, it should be at the "Data" folder.

Step 3 -

Open it with notepad++ or any desired text editing software. It should look something like this

Step 4 -
Drag the folder of your character to the "Chars" folder, or drag the.def and .sff of your stage to the "Stages" Folder

Step 5 -

if you have a character, write the folder name below "Kfm"
If you have a stage, write stages/ and the file name + extension (so something like stages/killmeplz.def)

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  1. Forrrester_81's Avatar
    Great help thank u..<3..^^
  2. Forrrester_81's Avatar
    U know how to add more char slots for mugen ..?or do we have to upgrade the version to make it megaman .<3 sorry to ask a noobish question....^^
  3. FPSvoltage's Avatar
    really helpful thanks !