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Downloads: Saber (9/22/18)

Saber (9/22/18)

Uploaded by 2nd November 2018
Author Author KFC?
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Saber updated, which seems like forever since the last time she was (back in 2015!). Last version is here: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...809-saber-kfc-

================================================== ========= ==============
Saber Ver 1.0.5
by KFC?
================================================== ========= ==============

About this character
Thank you for downloading. Nitro Royale's Saber
Millennial War Arguis' magic heavy warrior arranged in a Jessica style.
Operation check is done only on Windows version. If you have any bugs, I would appreciate it if you can contact me.

Since you use a large amount of Explod, it is a good idea to increase the value of ExplodMax of mugen.cfg

About modification etc., since it is not a character that I originally made from the first, I can not give permission from myself.
Thank you all "self-responsibility".

◆ Configuration
The following elements can be set. -2, -3.cns Search inside the file with "CONFIG (number)",
Please follow the instructions there, please set.

You can set the character voice.

You can specify display or no display of the gauge.

You can adjust the display position (X axis) of the gauge.

The display position (Y axis) of the gauge can be adjusted.

◆ Special attention
This character is unapproved for special treatment.

◆ Update history
◇ 2015/09/12
· Beta version released

◇ 2015/09/13
- Fixed a bug that fireball was lower guard attribute
- Effect added to guard cancel
· Changed the small pot and the big pot
· Fixed bug that KO can not be done with normal throw
· Cross fire blitz has occurrence guarantee added
· Added effect to down
- Fixed a bug that attack judgment will not come out in tag mode

◇ 2015/09/16
· I decided to point towards the other when I took passive
· Fireball · Ignition command changed

◇ 2015/09/22 (Ver 1.0.0)
- We eliminated the damage damage of fireball of normal technique
· I changed the production during fireball activation
- Fixed a bug that the gauge can not be collected due to attacks after 2 hits
· Other performance adjustments

◇ 2015/09/23 (Ver 1.0.1)
- Fixed a problem that fireball and attack judgment occur at the same time
· We corrected the rigidity difference of the fireball

◇ 2015/10/28 (Ver 1.0.2)
· Jump attack judgment weakened
· The occurrence of the second and subsequent rounds of Crossfire Blitz was made faster with additional input
· I changed the big pot
· Fireball · Activate the whole action shortened

◇ 2015/11/13 (Ver 1.0.3)
· Adjusted advance input at fireball activation

◇ 2015/11/23 (Ver 1.0.4)
· Reduced fireball duration
· Fixed Hitdef attribute of fireball

◇ 2018/09/22 (Ver 1.0.5)
· Reduced fireball duration
· Fireball · Ignition made it possible to cancel various actions
· I made it possible to cancel cancellation with a super deadball technique
· I made it possible to dash cancellation

◆ Special thanks (honorific title omitted)
◇ Thankfulness
· Infinite middle school
· MUGEN-Scheming

◇ Thank you for your help
· Mr. Yamaetoku
· Tomochi
· Mr. Kunsho also
· Mr. Tiff
· Mr. Yu and Haru
· Mr. Ryun
· People of the character who made the reference when creating the character
· People downloaded

◆ Supplementary matter
In creating this character there are many characters,
I referred to the commentary site.
I would like to take this moment to say thank you.
If you have any problem, please contact me.

Please use the latest version as much as possible when using it in animation etc.

This character is individual, it has nothing to do with DMM.
In addition, please treat all data "self-responsibility".

Contact information
◇ Public Destination: [http://cid-7fd2cec585c4590b.skydrive.live.com/browse.aspx/.Public]
◇ Twitter: [http://twitter.com/GND 0 V]
◇ E-Mail: [[email protected]]

Player Information
Advanced Metadata
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  • Saber (9/22/18)
  • Saber (9/22/18)

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2nd November 2018 at 16:01
Thanks @xWagnerPlaguesx, I was being clumsy

2nd November 2018 at 14:45
2nd November 2018 at 14:41
Wait why is she in Stages. :|

2nd November 2018 at 10:06
Good to see this author back, after years of inactivity. His Etrian Odyssey characters are a favourite of mine, let's hope he updates those as well!
2nd November 2018 at 10:03
Thank you!