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Downloads: Yukiko Amagi by SoA -Palettes

Yukiko Amagi by SoA -Palettes

Uploaded by 7th May 2018
Author Author kater15
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A package of palettes for this char:
1.0 version: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...-0-son-of-aura
1.1 version: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...gi-son-of-aura


Please check my thread for the news of my palette showcase. I accept requests.



  • Yukiko Amagi by SoA -Palettes

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16th July 2019 at 12:29
So um i'm a bit of a noob on palette swapping it seems but I've been having a hard time trying to switch Yukiko's 7-12 palettes to the ones you have made.

Every time I try changing it on the Def file, it just reverts to the default ones that were already in the file. How do I change it so the palettes will show these ones instead?

Any help and suggestions (that I haven't already tried) would be appreciated.

7th May 2018 at 23:22
Nice! The Jotaro and Ragna ones are my favorites.