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Downloads: Tenshi Hinanai (1.0)

Tenshi Hinanai (1.0)

Uploaded by 12th September 2012
Author Author Kohaku
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Last Update : 8-19-2010
Compatibility : Mugen 1.0

Multiple defense grooves, events messages integrated


Tenshi Hinanawi is the "final" boss for most of the characters in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and the "Eldest Daughter" of the Hinanawi clan (as referred to by Iku Nagae) that resides in Heaven. Due to the boring life in Heaven of constant drinking and relaxation, Tenshi decides to cause a disaster by gathering the thought energy of everyone in Gensokyo in the form of scarlet clouds, threatening an earthquake. Her true intent is to resolve her boredom by attracting others to resolve the incident. This disruption causes a preliminary tremor, which wrecks Reimu Hakurei's shrine, causing several events to unfold from there. Eventually, Tenshi rebuilds Reimu's shrine.
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  • Tenshi Hinanai (1.0)
  • Tenshi Hinanai (1.0)

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Tenma Ichiru
New Challenger
26th August 2013 at 07:48
Tenshi-chan, another interesting character ever since seeing the image of fanart.