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Downloads: Super Gogeta (Ver4.0)

Super Gogeta (Ver4.0)

Uploaded by 23rd December 2018
Author Author Okachanman
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Super Gogeta or SuperGogeta Ver4.0 by Okachanman enjoy. If you like his works* say a thank you ;) For your collection.

It is Gosita from Dragon Ball. AI has been introduced from Ver. 2.0


Producer: Okachanman

twitter: http : //twitter.com/okatyanmann
Contact: [email protected]

-------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------
Character details
------------------------------------------------ ----------------------------------
Character that appeared in "Dragon Ball Z Revival Fusion !! Goku and Vegeta" The
figure that Goku and Vegeta performed fusion in. Even Goku of Super Saiyan 3
overwhelmed Jananba who did not pass the teeth , eating the left straight of Jananba on his face with no guard
did not move one eyebrow, showing the difference in dimension.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Update history
-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
2013/04/05 (verβ0.1) Beta version first public release 2013/04

/ 07 (verβ0.11) Some bugs fixed
Instantaneous movement

Eclipse missing switch mounting 2013/04/10 (ver β 0.2) Some bug fixes
Guard change on the ground Changing the crouching in standing and changing during the rigid
instantaneous movement Butterfly wave Can not be used when tagging

2013/04/26 (ver1.0) official release public
gallic cannon, impact rush, stardust breaker additional
partial bugfixes
10P, 11P, 12P color addition
kalehame and final Declaration of attack on flash

2013/04/27 (ver1.1) Adjustment of partial SE volume adjustment
Hit spark replacement, adjustment of display position Adjustment
of performance of gianta rush
Performance change of the

gallic cannon

2013/04/28 (ver1.11) Performance change of the gallic cannon, cancellation by momentary movement of the gap after launch 2013/04/29 (ver1.12) Partial bug fixed action Partial
motion part Modification

2013/05/01 (ver1.13) Partial bug fixes Post grapple
gun rigidity reduction

2013/05/07 (ver1.14) Partial bug fixes
Aerial technique attack determination Partial expansion
Meteor Attack β stiffness time Increase, blow up direction vertically

2013/05/10 (ver1.2) Partial bug fixes
Energy burst addition Add
too heavy blow
Respond to overwhelming difference of added

verbal 2013/05/13 (ver1.3) Soul Illusion When activating to Veget or Ultra 4 Goku
instantaneous movement in special production Change the internal processing of the

Kamomehara wave and Stardust Breaker slightly 2013/05/19 (ver. 1.4) Fixed judgment of motion
Fixed that the power of the final flash was too high
Partial change of the effect of the wave Corrected the movement distance of the kick to prevent
guarding the smash cannon Partly corrected the animation of the daring legs and Godzilla rush 2013/05/22 (ver1.41) Partial bug correction Fine tuning performance of rush knee kicking and sliding Fine adjustment of attack judgment of normal technique 2013/05/25 (ver1.42) Partial bug fixing Improvement of the wave and smash cannon Partial change 2013/05/27 (ver1.43) Partial bug fix 2013/06/02 (ver1.44) Partial bug fix 2013/06/10 (ver1.5) Enlarged attack judgment of energy burst, then Changes slightly in processing content 2013/06/30 (ver1.6) Super seriously, resurrected Changing a little bit of super directive change Standing strong punch and changing to make it slightly ahead of strong kick

Fixed a problem that the stage BGM was not stopped correctly in super-

early 2013/10/29 (ver 2.0)
Added AI introduction effect switch at special start
Super Saiyan 4 Special intro with Goku added
various changes

2013/10 / 30 (ver 2.01) Some bug fixes

2013/11/01 (ver2.02) Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2013/11/04 (ver 2.03) Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2013/11 / 07 (ver 2.1) Modify the processing of a strong kick a bit Modify
the throw range of Seoul Strike β
Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2013/11/12 (ver 2.2) Fix POTLE change
superior Intro
Big Bang Komehame Change display method of wave cut-in

2013/11/16 (ver 2.3) added voice added
Behavior modification of AI

2013/11/17 (ver 2.4) Big Bang Enhance Kamehami wave, take state and further death to death Improve
behavior of AI

2013/11/19 (ver2.5) Special intro with superbest addition
1 Part Bug Fixing
Behavior modification of AI

2013/11/20 (ver2.51) Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2013/11/21 (ver2.52) Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2013/12/02 (ver 2 . 6) Replacement of mugen 1.0 temporary correspondence
AI partly modified
Potole (9000.19) for MBAA life bar

2013/12/08 (ver 2.61) Partial bug fixes Modify
behavior of AI
Seriously flashed with real seriousness Change it slightly weakly
Replace Potole (9000.25) for V - Tech Life Bar

2013/12/15 (ver 2.62) Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2013/12/16 (ver 2.7) Partial bug fixes
dash speed to specifications that change with state Dashstop animation added
Stardust breaker Correction of cut in slightly

2013/12/19 (ver 2.71) Behavior modification of AI

2014/02/09 (ver 2.72) Behavior modification of AI

2014/03/03 (ver 2.73) Partial bug fix
Behavior of AI Correction

2014/03/04 (ver 2.74) Behavior modification of AI

2014/03/09 (ver 2..8) Strengthening impact impact at ultra serious and ultimate fusion The
former stopped time while rushing, the latter was superfiltered In addition to the specification hits also to the opponent who is down

2014/04/08 (ver 2.81) Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2014/04/29 (ver 2.9) Specification change of impact rush at Ultimate Fusion
※ sff, Generate the player at snd update invocation
Some change the performance of tricks
some bug fixes
behavior modification of AI

2014/05/02 (Ver2.91) some bug fixes
AI of behavior modification

2014/05/03 (ver2.92) some bug fixes

2014/05 / 06 (ver 2.92) Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2014/06/08 (ver3.0) Ultimate Impact Implementation
* sff, snd Increase the power of updated gallic artillery
Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2014/06 / 14 (ver 3.1)
Replace the dot of Super Saiyan 3 * sff Update some bugfixes

2014/06/15 (ver3.11) Partial bug fixes
Behavior modification of AI

2014/08/13 (ver 3.2) AI Revise the behavior of
serious, super serious, Ultimate Fusion, Stage change of the squirrel

2014/10/26 (ver.3.3) Behavior modification of AI
※ sff update Change of cut-in processing of Super Saiyan 3

2014/11/05 (ver 3.31) Partial bug fix

2015/09/13 (ver 3.4 ) super 4 bug fixes of Atemi action with Goku
part production and animation of minor modifications

2015/09/23 (ver3.5) some bug fixes
※ sff update AI behavior modification of the
cut-in replacement
canon Mr. those of final flash Changes to the thing that was drawn

2015/10/12 (ver. 3.51) Behavior modification of AI

2018/08/03 (ver4.0) A number of effects and specifications are corrected
* sff Update Behavior modification of AI
Potre for Mizuha Life Bar (9000.666)

--------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------
About handling of this character
-------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------
There is no particular restriction on movie usage. As you want.
For alterations and AIs, only patch formats that do not include sff and snd files are OK.
Also, reproduction and distribution of character dots, cut-ins, or modifications thereof are prohibited.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Special color (AI automatically starts after 7P)
------ -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------
4P, 10P >> Serious start
5P, 11P >> Super serious start
6P, 12P >> Ultimate Fusion start

- -------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Setting item
------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------
You can make the following settings in Config.cns.
· BGM setting when superhigh
· Enable
/ disable energy burst · Super serious use
· Direct switch at special start

For details, see Config.cns.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
About special intro
--------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------- When
I played against Super Saiyan 4 I Goku or Superbegin that I modified, a
special intro will occur when both special start display switches are on . And both will start in serious condition.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- About
Super Saiyan's 3 dots
-------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------
I borrowed a dot drawn by Mr. Yumezakura.
I would like to take this opportunity to take this opportunity to thank you again, thank you.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
About cut-in
-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
We adopted things that Mr. Kanon was drawn in the cut-in of the final flash.
I would like to take this opportunity to take this opportunity to thank you again, thank you.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- The
command table
★ is a limitation technique when it is "serious state" or more.
☆ is a limited technique when "super serious state" or more.
◆ is a limited technique at the time of "Ultimate Fusion".

-------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
【Normal skill / throwing technique】

"Weak · Punch" X
"Strong · Punch" Y
"Weak · Kick" A
"Strong · Kick" B
"Soul Strike α (Forward Throwing)" X + Y (Approach Grab Throw)
"Soul Strike β (Rear Throw)" A + B (Approach Grab Throw 2)
"Propulsion" S (Increase in opponent gauge)
"Energy bullet" Z
⇒ (even in the sky gauge micro consumption, possible fire)

"Super jump" ↓ → ↑
⇒ (diagonal ↓, diagonal ↑ is also acceptable)
"rush knee kick" dash Inside
" A too heavy blow" B + Y
"Elbow" ←, Y
"Sliding" B + Y
"kicking up" during squatting ←, B
⇒ ↑ can kill with
"叩 け drop" ↓, △
"kick It dropped "in the air ↓, B

" avoid "A + X
" to avoid moving and before "→, A + X
" to avoid movement and behind "←, A + X

" afterimage fist "C during the guard
⇒ (gauge 1 consumption)
" During the guard 'Z
⇒ (gauge 1 consumption)

' energy burst 'during eating A + B + C
⇒ (gauge 3 consumption)

' aerobic saving 'A + X + Y continue to
hold ⇒ (gauge rise. Increase rate change)

"Instantaneous movement" C
⇒ (even in the air, possible gauge 1 consumption, consumption is halved when it is serious, unrestricted when super-true)
"instantaneous movement · ground" ↓, C
⇒ (It is possible even in the air · consumption is halved when it is serious. Unnecessary when superinteresting time is unlimited.)
"Super fast movement · before" →, C
⇒ (even in the air · gauge 1 consumption.When consuming in the serious consumption half, unlimited)
"ultra-fast movement and with the back" ←, C
⇒ (variable-gauge 1 consumption in the air. seriously at the time of consumption half. during the ultra-serious unlimited)

"serious! "Gauge 4 or more when X + Y + Z
⇒" Serious condition "changed. You can not activate if you are already serious.

"Super serious! ! At gauge MAX,
it changes to ↓ ←, X + Y + Z ⇒ "super serious state", total consumption of gauge. It can not be invoked if it is already super-serious.

"Resurrection · super serious! ! When the physical strength is 1/6 or less,
it changes to C + X + Y + Z ⇒ "super serious state". Physical fitness, gauge full recovery. It can not be invoked if it is already super-serious.

"Ultimate Fusion" ☆ At gauge MAX ↓ ←, X + Y + Z
⇒ changed to "Ultimate Fusion". Full strength recovery. Gauge total consumption If
already Ultimate Fusion, it can not be activated.

"Ultimate Super Gogeta"
⇒ (Start with gauge 4 & "Serious state".)
Fusion of Resurrection! "Goku and Vegeta"
⇒ (Gauge MAX and 5P or 11P color "super serious" , 6P or 12P color "Ultimate Fusion state" started, some part is excluded)

【Special Moves】

"Furious Riders" ← ↓ →, A or B
⇒ Rambling technique. The strong version is blown off greatly with the last blow.

"Godzilla rush" ↓ \ →, X or Y (even in the air)
⇒ Rambling technique. The weak edition takes down with the last blow, and the strong edition blows off greatly with the last blow.

"Soul Rising (weak)" → ↓ \, A
⇒ Knee Kick off the knee and fly above the ground. It is invincible during rise and is not easily crushed.

"Soul Rising (Strong)" → ↓ \, B
⇒ Knee Kick off the knee and shoot it upwards and then blow it away. Possible to pursue with instantaneous movement.

"Slash down kick" ↓ \ →, A or B (only in the air)
⇒ Kick at a high speed diagonally down from the air.

"Seoul Illusion" → ↓ ←, X or Y
⇒ Personal skill corresponding only to blows. It is possible to take state.

"Shockwave" → ↓ ←, A or B
⇒ Personal skill corresponding to all attacks. Shoot a shock wave. No damage, cancellation with other mortal work and super mortal work.
Rising speed varies depending on conditions. (Occurs faster as the upper level occurs)

"Meteor Attack α" ← ↓ →, X
⇒ type throwing technique that does not take state, simple continuous attack

"Meteor Attack β" ← ↓ →, Y
⇒ type of throwing away state Technique

【Super Special Moves】

"Kamehame Wave" ↓ → ↓ →, X or Y
⇒ (Gauge 1 consumption)
Explanation unnecessary, Deathblow skill representing dragon ball. You can instantly reach the screen edge and pick up down.

"Gallic cannon" ↓ → ↓ →, X or Y (only in the air)
⇒ (Gauge 1 consumption)
Laser emitted obliquely downward from the air.

"Smash Cannon" ↓ ← ↓ ←, X or Y
⇒ (Gauge 2 consumption)
Ultra high speed bullets. Since there is almost no rigidity after the technique, further collaboration is possible from here.
Can only cancel in a momentary movement among super ****a techniques.

"Impact rush" ↓ → ↓ ←, X or Y
⇒ (consumption of gauge 3)
Rambling technique from rush. It was released to Jannba in the movie version.

"Stardust breaker" ★ X + Y + Z ⇔ keep pushing
⇒ (gauge 5 consumption · additional input technique) A
single blow killer technique. Some games are also called Seoul Punisher.
Activate only with additional input. If this is a tag, you can not use it, but if your opponent is a tag, you
become Super Saiyan 3 and change to a technique to release a big bang Kamome waves.

"Final flash" ↓ → ↓ →, A or B
⇒ (gauge 4 consumption)
Extraordinary laser. You can instantly reach the screen edge and pick up down.
At the same time as activation, a shock wave which is impossible to guard occurs.

"Ultra Explosive Wave" ★ ← ↓ →, A + B + C
⇒ (Gauge 5 consumption · Aerial triggering possible) A
full screen attack that can be invoked by canceling all but a part of the supernecessary technique.

"Instantaneous movement Kamehame Wave" ★ ↓ → ↓ →, A + B
⇒ (Gauge 6 consumption · Aerial triggering possible)
Throwing of a guard impossible. Can not be used in tag warfare.

"Final Meteor Attack" ★ ↓ → ↓ ←, X + Y
⇒ (Gauge 7 consumption · Available in air)
Rambling technique from rush. A super-explosive wave is released to Todome.

【Ultimate Technique】
"Big Bang Kamehame Wave" ☆ ↓ → ↓ →, X + Y
⇒ (Gauge 9 consumption) A
guard impossible blow strikethrough technique, nearly all screens are attacked.

"Ultimate Impact" ◆ ↓ ↓, S
⇒ (no gauge consumption)
After unframiliar consecutive shoots are delivered, transform into Super Saiyan 3, stop with a big bang Kamen waves.
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Advanced Metadata
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  • Super Gogeta (Ver4.0)
  • Super Gogeta (Ver4.0)

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madara rikudou
7th October 2019 at 18:43
i wanna download this again but.. those rank system broke me..
madara rikudou
7th October 2019 at 18:41
I really want a blue version like this char, cuz it's soooooooooo well this one