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Freeman KOFA

Uploaded by 24th August 2016
Author Author K.O.D
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Freeman is a British serial killer who kills for his pleasure. Nothing is known about his past. He travels to Second Southtown when he learns of the King of Fighters: Maximum Mayhem tournament, hoping to kill strong opponents. One of his victims was Kevin Rian's partner, a former member of the SWAT forces. After the tournament, Freeman was being hunted down by Second Southtown's Police Department. Freeman was shot by a sniper and fell into a river. The police then looked for his body, but it was nowhere to be found, implying he somehow survived this incident.

Freeman is a madman who has a very ******ic and sinister personality. He kills simply for pleasure, nothing else is known about his life, not even a full name.
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  • Freeman KOFA
  • Freeman KOFA
  • Freeman KOFA

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