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Downloads: Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite

Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite

Uploaded by 29th January 2018
Author Author SEEP
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Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite is the version for PC of Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu WII (2009). This special porting is the first time been released for PC!

Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite have many exclusive than original Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu and offer a new Story Mode full-dedicated to first Art of Fighting (classic fighting game made SNK).

Great graphic ispirated from River City Ransom.

Two playable characters: Ryo Sakazaki and Robert Garcia, with new sprites and paletes.

Story and Battle Mode.

10 Levels with 40 stages.

8 bosses.

New weapons (axe, whip and trash barrel).

Text in English language or Italian language.

Many action situations: beat em up, action, platform and racing.



  • Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite
  • Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite
  • Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite
  • Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite
  • Ryuko No Ken Nekketsu Lite

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29th January 2018 at 16:09
That's very good.