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Zekken Yuuki

Uploaded by 7th July 2017
Author Author sandaime
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Last Reupload Last Reupload 4th November 2018
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Z Yuuki updated! Older version: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...yuuki-sandaime

ReadMe (Updates Down at the bottom of the Page):

▼ Introduction
That's it.
Thank you for downloading the absolute sword
It is the third person of the producer.
I created it based on HAL Mr. Tono Akihabi as in the example. It is a modification.

Since it was improved and updated based on the extra movie, the original reproduction has no fragments

[2017/12/3] mad color - option · New technique "Absolute - Yuki" added (Ver.1.20)
【2018/04/05】 Changes in usage rate of some techniques (Ver.1.21)

※ With this update, the performance of 5p (11p) and 6p (12p) changed dramatically ※

▼ registration procedure
That's it.
1. Download MUGEN!
2. Next, let this "z_yuuki" enter "chars" in MUGEN
3. Open "select.def" in "data" in MUGEN
4. Go downward from [Characters] and fill in "z_yuuki" under the place called "kfm"
5. Open "Winmugen.exe" and succeed if "Yuuki (Ver.1.21)" exists in "Arcade" or "Training"

▼ Character overview ... .... "The sword" Yuuki
That's it.
The basic is the specification of HAL Akiba
The system also belongs to the original fighting game "MELTY BLOOD"
For details, refer to "Command Table & System Description" text
People who say "I do not understand, I can not do it" ... let's first confirm the movement with training

Next, I will introduce the inherent performance of the sword
"Self-suggestion" Life will be fixed to the number of times of eye mind × 100 for colors after 2P
"Psychological" pseudo life management. When physical strength fluctuates, it will consume while omitting by probability
That's why we add special color. I made it because MUGEN seems to be able to register up to 12 types
The color is determined by the button that was pressed when selecting the character. Search by "MUGEN color selection"!
 1P (7P) ... Yukikara -
 2P (8P) ... color of black tone (mind eye × 1 · strong specification owata type)
 3P (9P) ... Yuri Spring Ling (Mental eye × 5)
 4P (10P) ... color of Shirayuri (psychic eye × 0 · automatic attack + strong sick mode with automatic reduction)
 5P (11P) ... Blue and green color (mental eye × 10 · no step missing, bullfight when shot)
 6P (12P) ... Asuna style color (performance of the mind eye × 9, 4P + 5P)

You can change the number of mind-eye times from the configurable items

★ About rank (strength) ★
Default up to 3P is strong to miserable
4P default frenzy · About middle level lower limit · Mad coward lower to mad higher in setting
5P default frenzy Lower limit of lower · Set by mad coward ~ mad middle
6P default frenzy · Medium middle place · Mad coward lower by a setting

Rank sweat level, eye mind, AI, rank adjustment can be simplified easily with damage level

+6 colors (7P - 12P) have no difference in capabilities, etc., except helper display number
It is an extra mode without Kendama

▼ Available Items
That's it.
[Set in z_yuuki-AI_Config.cns]

 Ability use setting ... It is possible to set the presence or absence of gauge recovery at pinch. Default is invoked

 Kendama setting ... You can turn on the tournament mode all the time. It can be set by abilities use setting

 Style setting ... You can choose between ReACT mode and ActCadenza mode. The default is random

 Absolute sword level setting ... Helper's aid will be added to extra attacks. Valid by default

 Set root value ... default is valid

 BGM setting ... You can set BGM on / off for the third round. Valid by default

 Mind set ... You can set the number of steps to skip above (4p crazy mid-level setting requires change)

 You can set additional options for Mad Color - Option ... 4P - 6P (10P - 12P)

 AI setting ... You can set from 1 to 9 in the quick set, default is 9

 Damage level setting ... It is possible to set from 1 to 5. The default is 3

【Set by z_yuuki-3.cns】

 It is possible to set whether AI switch ... AI is always activated. Default is operational

▼ Notes · Contact information
That's it.
If you adopt 7 to 12 P for competitions etc., please use -6 color (1P to 6P) in OP introduction

The introduction of the third round is a production, there is no change in the basic status due to presence or absence

There are no particular prohibitions on use. There is no necessity to renew
If you are frozen many times and your game is going to be stagnant, please do not judge or abstain from us

Modification is not prohibited

Please report on the top article of Twitter or blog.
Third blog → http: //ikiterebasoredeiino.blog.fc2.com

▼ Update Information
That's it.
2017/6/4 Public (Ver.1.00)
2017/6 / 5 Correspondence addition (Ver.1.01)
2017/6/30 Voice, adjustment corresponding effect (Ver.1.02)
2017/7 / Constant Kendama Mode (Ver.1.10)
2017/7/24 rank notation correction, cut-in at all times in the Kendama mode improved (Ver.1.12)
2017/8/19 4p rank for spoofing inscription changed from madow to mad middle (Ver.1.13)
2017/8/20 Fixed because the default value of mind setting was different (Ver.1.13b)
2017/8/31 Fix mistakes in misleading related to mid-ranking technology · Steel seal Life management add insanity specification seal (Ver.1.15)
2017/9/13 Downward revision (Ver.1.16) because there was an indication that the recovery amount of the psychic eye 10 is large
2017/11/23 Addition of ON / OFF of BGM, correction of falling correction, correction of 4p physical strength reduction (Ver.1.18)
2017/11/23 Description mistake partial adjustment (Ver.1.19)
2017/12/03 Human strength reduction of 4p / 10p halved (Ver.1.20)
2018/04/05 Degradation of usage rate of "absolutely Yuuki" (Ver.1.21)


-- Updated 4th November 2018-00:32 --

Melty Blood style.

P1-P6 - 8-bit mini size
P7-P12 - normal size

Player Information
Advanced Metadata
Move List Move List NEW!



  • Zekken Yuuki
  • Zekken Yuuki

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4th November 2018 at 04:06
Update merged.
18th February 2018 at 04:39
one of my favorite anime
et cetera
User Awaiting Moderation
1st November 2017 at 02:27
Melty Blood Styled Characters are hidden gems!
8th October 2017 at 20:53
This is a strange character.

7th July 2017 at 23:55
@mariopop726: Open the CMD file through the notepad where there are information about the movements of the char.
New Challenger
7th July 2017 at 23:34
I can't figure out any of her special moves. Do you know any if there are any hidden supers?

7th July 2017 at 19:52
@mariopop726: Select it by holding START.
Example: START + A
New Challenger
7th July 2017 at 19:40
how do I get normal size

7th July 2017 at 14:59
One of the Melty Blood Act Cadenza styled chars I wanted of one of Sanotohno 2nd's videos.