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Uploaded by Apr 23, 2017
Author Author Beanfan112
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Shaggy is back and this time he's here to kick ***! This Shaggy doesn't play around like the old one! He can even beat Goku! Trust me!
Directly from the MUGEN wiki = Shaggy can apply pressure lots of pressure! His normals are fast, and can lead to strong combos. However, avoid using Spin Cycle randomly, as it will give Shaggy frame disadvantage. It is best to call Shaggy's assists when far from the opponent or when the opponent is stuck in hitstun or guardstun. With his fast throw, Shaggy can easily punish rushdown characters after their unsafe moves. Shaggy's friends allow poor zoning, but offer decent projectiles with decent hitboxes. Beware doing crouching guards, as Shaggy will easily be open to overheads that can be dangerous especially to the likes of Sentinel. All of Shaggy's normals except crouching light kick can easily be hitconfirmed into Spin Cycle, Ultimate Spin Cycle, and Bone Combo. Avoid using Shaggy's supers outside of combos, as they are extremely unsafe on block. Additionally, the projectiles from Shaggy's friends cannot be destroyed, so use this to your advantage against other zoners.
I added a couple of win quotes like I always do to every character I download so just a warning, I make sure they're hilarious and sometimes it'll be out of character. Basically I'm implying Shaggy curses when he wins sometimes. Oh, and his character specific win quotes don't work! So I guess that just adds to it.
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