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Downloads: Shadow DIO (CvS2 Reimagining)

Shadow DIO (CvS2 Reimagining)

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Dec 14, 2019
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Here is Shadow DIO for M.U.G.E.N

Shadow DIO is quite an odd and intriguing individual. He isn't the DIO we all know from part 3, but a culmination of DIO from parts 1 and some of part 3. This version of DIO appears in the early episodes of part 3, where he was cloaked in the shadows and his face remained slightly visible, but not enough to fully make out what his visage is visually. Since this is the beginning of Jonathan Joestar's distress signal and creation of the Joestar Curse, DIO barely began to grasp the concept of a Stand.

DIO still has a Stand, albeit very underdeveloped. The World merely appears as a featureless translucent shadow that attacks very briefly. DIO, upon receiving a Stand, also grasped the art of stopping time, though he can do it for an instant, as shown through his dodge, teleport counter, and win poses.

DIO's move-set is very similar to his evolved normal DIO form, but there are some changes in the special and super moves. While his normals remain unchanged, his specials are completely different. One of his two Stand attacks features DIO sending out The World to attack briefly. Since his Stand is very weak at the moment, he is forced to use his old abilities shown in Phantom Blood. One of his special moves is grabbing his opponent and draining their blood briefly. This is a good way to end combos if you're short on meter. DIO's third ability is a counter attack. As he nonchalantly reads his book, he is open to an attack. If the opponent attacks him, he teleports behind the opponent, and has a fairly long window to punish. His fourth and final special move features DIO delivering a quick poke to his opponent. If it connects, the opponent is frozen in place. Depending on the strength of the move, the time that the opponent is frozen decreases, but the damage increases.

DIO's supers remain mostly unchanged. In DIO's first super and second Stand attack, he has his Stand stop time briefly after attacking the opponent, and then knives surround his victim. His second super is just a more powerful heavy punch. His third super is the Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, where a piercing beam of energy comes out through his eyes. It's range is endless, so it would be a nice super to pull out when the opponent doesn't expect it. His new super is the Hair Tentacles (I have no idea what it's called.) DIO bends down, and then his hair extends, giving off a deadly essence that damages the opponent. It is a really good wake-up super.

Shadow DIO's AI remains unchanged from his normal DIO counter part (except the difficulty is toned down a bit). He uses his Blood Drain and Stand attack most often to give good zoning opportunities for himself. He also uses his counter attack a bit too appropriately. His combos are extensive as well, but they do around 30% at most. His dodging and side-stepping are on-par with his counterpart as well, but to a larger degree to compensate for his lower damage output.

You can find his move-set guide in the character folder, as well as who I will recreate next. Apologies for not including it anywhere else.

|BTW| I was planning to just have Shadow DIO be an extra mode for normal DIO and be put in the same character, but they were too different to be considered such, which is why you will find DIO and Shadow DIO in separate folders.

M.U.G.E.N 1.1


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  • Shadow DIO (CvS2 Reimagining)
  • Shadow DIO (CvS2 Reimagining)

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