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Uploaded by 10th September 2015
Author Author Joey Faust
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Raichu is a regular six-button character. According to the author, it is a spriteswap of Fido's Guile, but it plays nothing like said character, not even using any charge motions. Raichu's gameplay isn't based off a particular source.

Raichu's comboability is somewhat lacking, as the cornerpush in some of its Basics really work against it. It does make up for this by having rather high damage output, as evidenced by its Specials and Hypers. However, Raichu's Button-F Button-LK Command Normal can also be an infinite if used in the corner. Raichu has three Specials and one Hyper, one of its Specials being air-exclusive.

Raichu may have a custom A.I, but doesn't seem too different from Kung Fu Man's A.I. It seems to attack slightly more, but seems to exhibit similar behavior. Raichu's damage output can still catch inexperienced players off guard, making it more of a mid-level opponent.
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