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Chuck_Norris (Old)

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Mar 12, 2019
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All that's not below : Gaelik
Sprites : ripped from Joseph Joestar by y.y
Killer code : Ironcommando
A-Bomb Killah! : Lunatic

He's the cheapest char of all MUGEN history, NO CHAR CAN BEAT HIM !!!

Some jokes on Chuck Norris that gave me ideas (thanks to titansurge for bringin' some) :

Chuck Norris can hold a deadly hyper lazer proton cannon with one hand.
Chuck Norris' mere footsteps can cause massive earthquakes.
Chuck Norris can make a nuclear explosion with a point of the finger.
Chuck Norris doesn't kick people into the sun. He kicks the sun into people!


FAKE ROUNDHOUSE KICK !!! F,D,DF,a or b --> A feint of the RoundHouse Kick (but hurts anyway)

GRENADE !!! D,DB,B,a or b --> Throws a grenade.

UZI !!! D,DF,F,a or b --> Ready... Aim... AUTO-FIRE !

REAL ROUNDHOUSE KICK !!! F,D,DF,c --> Everybody knows how powerful is his RoundHouse Kick.

DEADLY HYPER LAZER PROTON CANNON !!! D,DF,F,c --> A giant lazer kills the opponent(s).

NUCLEAR RAGE !!! D,DB,B,c --> Instant kill, avoidable only if you're the greatest MUGEN programer... Or if you don't attack :b.

ROAD SUMMER DA !!! D,DF,F,D,DF,F,c --> See the fact for details...
~Readme.txt file from old version of Chuck Norris.~
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  • Chuck_Norris (Old)
  • Chuck_Norris (Old)

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