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Dragon Ball Z JUS
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JUS Arranged
Non-manga characters recreated in the JUS style 316

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Jotaro Kujo Part 6 v2 Jotaro Kujo Part 6 v2 (LautyCarp, Curtah,...) : **UPDATED VERSION WITH INTRO AGAINST PUCCI** My edit of Icarus Kuroi edit of LautyCarp's Jotaro. I edited the sprite and sprited all the missing poses, changed the palette and a few sounds and... ... [more] (56.46 MB) Today 261 / 72 0
Enrico Pucci JUS mugen 1.1 Enrico Pucci JUS mugen 1.1 (Dry -Mugen) : Sprites y remasterizacion de sprites: -GreenMaurice -Nickdex79 Sonido y organizacion de estos: -Cujoh/Curtah -I carus -CNLartz base: ... [more] (68.87 MB) Today 277 / 83 3
Killua JUS Killua JUS (Mikel8888) : https://m.youtube.com/wat ch?v=WprGeCvKT5w CREDITS : Mikel8888 InSeph Myt hos Salad Uchiha Matt Mugen UPDATES: - Adjust FX. ... [more] (21.29 MB) Today 157 / 35 0
Jotaro Kujo Part 6 v1 Jotaro Kujo Part 6 v1 (LautyCarp, Curtah,...) : ** OUTDATED VERSION, MOST RECENT HERE: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=129226-jotaro- kujo-part-6-lautycarp-cur tah-dry-mugen-icarus-kuro i ** (56.54 MB) Today 147 / 19 1
Garou JUS Garou JUS (JOAN QUIÑONES) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=05JSRyVmbEQ (31.25 MB) Yesterday 477 / 151 6
Wendy Dragon Force JUS Wendy Dragon Force JUS (AKUMA) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=Mp4k_EFfjl0 (17.59 MB) 19th February 2020 329 / 34 0
Ghost Ghost (VINICIUSONICO, edit...) : - Changed the palette and replaced SS Berserker with a SS God palette, but the moves remain the same. - Changed the display name "ALL JUS" to "Ghost", because I think it sounds better and it feels... ... [more] (71.56 MB) 19th February 2020 650 / 126 3
Saga JUS Saga JUS (Planeptune) : Planeptune's channel: https://www.you tube.com/channel/UC9d25Uk GROGoFGWNwFsMJUA (60.76 MB) 17th February 2020 1096 / 311 11
Jolyne Kujoh JUS Edit Jolyne Kujoh JUS Edit (LautyCarp, XmegaTM,...) : -Added 5 new palletes (one based on the old Jolyne before XmegaTM's edit, 3 off of my head and 1 from a beautiful internet picture that I'll link later) -Fixed run animation -Added new intros... ... [more] (22.32 MB) 16th February 2020 780 / 181 2
Joseph Joestar Joseph Joestar (Mikel8888,Chahine05) : Happy Ureppy Yoropikune ! Here's an edit of Mikel8888's Joseph Joestar New features : ~3 new specials (Your next line will be ; Tequila ! (+ Hamon Clacker Rush) ; Hammer !) ~Added some... ... [more] (20.96 MB) 13th February 2020 1078 / 342 13
Kizaru JUS Kizaru JUS (edit Gledson) : Speciais D,DF,F,a D,D B,B,a D,DF,F,b (10.89 MB) 13th February 2020 698 / 216 8
Wammu Wammu (mysh_2002) : After creating this character, I realized that I had better not draw sprites from scratch anymore):grin: There Is an Intro with Kars and Joseph, as well as a victory over Kars and Caesar. ... ... [more] (13.78 MB) 12th February 2020 792 / 141 8
Shanks JUS Shanks JUS (Intoxicados &&...) : SPECIALS D,DF,F,a D,D B,B,a D,DF,F,b D,DB,B,b D,DF,F,c D,DB,B,c U lti x (16.06 MB) 12th February 2020 938 / 362 7
Archer JUS Archer JUS (Mugen n5) : https://youtu.be/IK11BV_w 2LQ (26.83 MB) 11th February 2020 1006 / 325 10
Silverfang AKA Bang JUS Silverfang AKA Bang JUS (VANGUARD MUGEN) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=09exMnLOS9M (21.32 MB) 11th February 2020 1191 / 507 7
Jean Pierre Polnareff Jean Pierre Polnareff (LautyCarp, edit by...) : Heeeeeeey, its me again, now with and edit of LautyCarp's Polnareff, as usual i changed the combos, the fx, some sound effects and the ultimate attack portrait, also i changed the Avdol and... ... [more] (32.28 MB) 10th February 2020 890 / 273 8
Diego Brando Diego Brando (Lautycarp) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=jbvl8JSlNJ8 (36.43 MB) 7th February 2020 955 / 157 7
Ghiaccio Ghiaccio (mysh_2002) : I released this character here because Jump Pocket already has Ghiaccio from another author. I took the sprites from guruguruxd. I hope you like the character. hit: a; b; c; super: down b; down... (1.04 MB) 6th February 2020 722 / 108 2
Ghiaccio JUS v1 Ghiaccio JUS v1 (BlackDrifterz) : I am back with even better coding (maybe). Some sounds are missing some reason but it is still enjoyable as it should be. The sprites is not made by me. Oh yes, I finally change the portrait size to... ... [more] (10.96 MB) 6th February 2020 654 / 165 6
Lisa lisa Mini edit Lisa lisa Mini edit (LautyCarp) : Just change a few commands and the expression of your face, among other things, if you don't like it you can modify it, credits to LautyCarp :grin: (33.63 MB) 6th February 2020 527 / 129 2
Jotaro (Sound Edit) Jotaro (Sound Edit) (LautyCarp) : replaced a lot of sound effects and some voices, and made a very minor palette change. (61.03 MB) 5th February 2020 762 / 219 7
Asta V2 JUS Asta V2 JUS (Tutorial RKN) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=N96fMq6vUDM (18.31 MB) 5th February 2020 1584 / 398 7
Final Dio (Edit) Final Dio (Edit) (Knightmare404,...) : Hello everyone, this char is an edition that I made, with some changes and improvements, I added a gray effect in the introduction to teleportation, changed some movement sounds and added life... ... [more] (64.62 MB) 4th February 2020 1815 / 466 14
Final DIO (Updated Edit) Final DIO (Updated Edit) (Chahine05,...) : changed a bunch of voices, sound effects, some hyper inputs, the default palette, and stats. (68.70 MB) 3rd February 2020 1018 / 218 5
Kakyoin Noriaki Kakyoin Noriaki (Shadow Mercer,...) : Heeey, its me again, now with an edit of the kakyoin by Shadow Mercer, as usual i changed the combos, some fx and the ultimate attack portrait, and also i changed the pallete of kakyoin and... ... [more] (24.30 MB) 3rd February 2020 935 / 285 11
Final DIO (Update 2.0) Final DIO (Update 2.0) (Chahine05) : My bad. I had forgotten the .snd file in my previous post. It should be fine now ================== ========================= ========= Small Update with new contents : -New Special (Greatest... ... [more] (65.07 MB) 3rd February 2020 992 / 222 5
Griffith Femto Griffith Femto (Planeptune) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=5QpJ9I59u98 Com ision by icarus Credits: Mikel8888, Rivelio Sprites by Greenmaurice (34.75 MB) 3rd February 2020 1387 / 283 13
Final DIO (Edit V2) Final DIO (Edit V2) (Chahine05 (Edit By...) : i was sent an edit by opera and made some minor changes. it also made me realize i could make improvements, so i did. changes include sounds, a change on opera's palette with a slightly more yellow... (53.47 MB) 2nd February 2020 406 / 56 5
The boss The boss (Dry-Mugen (edit by...) : I replace three sprites that look similar to the bigger diavolo by amarimono(sorry I don't have time to search what his name, and also my english) -add new crouch sprite -add new pose sprite -add... ... [more] (33.34 MB) 2nd February 2020 1192 / 321 5
Kira Yoshikage Kira Yoshikage (Shadow Mercer,...) : Hello, its me again, today with an edit of the Kira by Shadow Mercer, i changed the combos, added the anime voice for the intro and some of his attacks, changed some sound effects and some fx, and... ... [more] (31.66 MB) 1st February 2020 746 / 223 6
Final DIO (Minor Edit) Final DIO (Minor Edit) (Chahine05) : added some red eyes to the sprites with an obscured face, and changed a few sounds. (51.78 MB) 1st February 2020 756 / 218 8
Cioccolata JUS Cioccolata JUS (mysh_2002) : This is my first character for M.U.G.E.N. so it turned out so-so. I took some of the sprites from "guruguruxd", and finished the rest myself. a;b;c x;y;z s-power Down_z-super (791.7 KB) 31st January 2020 842 / 158 6
Tanjiro(Resize with more hurts) Tanjiro(Resize with more hurts) (Entah99, and me...) : more hurt sprites to support grabs (25.60 MB) 31st January 2020 878 / 184 1
Tanjiro Kamado(Resize edit) Tanjiro Kamado(Resize edit) (Entah99, edit by me) : My mind one day was like "Why wait for Kimetsu no Yaiba MUGEN Train Saga when you can have this" so I made this. Just like the same as the Midoriya I editted. Original: https://www.youtube.com/w... (25.59 MB) 31st January 2020 859 / 173 3
Josuke Josuke (Shadow Mercer,...) : Hello, this is my first edit and my first upload to this site. Basically this is the shadow mercer josuke with modified combos and modified FX for the special attacks, also he haves his anime voice... ... [more] (37.58 MB) 30th January 2020 1001 / 287 9
Smoker TS JUS Smoker TS JUS (Mikel8888 edited by...) : An awesome mugen char of "Smoker" from "One Piece" created originally by Mikel8888 but edited by Kaiser Leon to look like the timeskip version!! Lowered his damage a bit to balance it out as he can... ... [more] (16.28 MB) 30th January 2020 1018 / 325 2
Luffy Time Skip Snakeman Luffy Time Skip Snakeman (Kennedy...) : Luffy Snakeman Author= Kennedy Mugen **Sprites Luffy Snakeman-- ,Flampe - Kawaibear7 on Deviantart (75.82 MB) 29th January 2020 1420 / 447 6
Jonathan (anime) Jonathan (anime) (Lauty,Matt,Dano) :  (35.14 MB) 29th January 2020 709 / 157 5
DIO (HFTF) DIO (HFTF) (Shadow Mercer) : palette and sound edit, if i missed anything, please leave a comment, as i wasn't 100% sure i changed all the used sounds, but couldn't find any i missed when testing. thanks (30.13 MB) 27th January 2020 803 / 175 6
Kaneki Ken JUS Char Kaneki Ken JUS Char (TrafalgarLawzz...) : Kaneki mugen char by Trafalgarlawzz which isn't so good and was edited by P. Mayches who made the character a lot better than before, this mugen char may be a little overwhelming against other mugen... ... [more] (51.93 MB) 27th January 2020 1204 / 336 3
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