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Veter Driffin (updated) Veter Driffin (updated) (HelloMyNameIsAAA...) : Apparently he was updated back on February 4th Some hitsparks from the original version were misaligned, so HelloMyNameIsAAA fixed them Original version: https://mugenarchive.com/... ... [more] (26.35 MB) 19th February 2020 221 / 16 1
Corrupted Veter Driffin Corrupted Veter Driffin (HelloMyNameIsAAA...) : "This is an extensive, over the top modification of Actarus' Veter Diffin. I am not making this up." - HelloMyNameIsAAA A bizarre joke edit of Actarus's infamous Peter Griffin, constantly... ... [more] (26.35 MB) 21st January 2020 307 / 31 3
Peter Griffin (first old version) Peter Griffin (first old version) (Warner) : And so, I found an very first old version of Warner's first Peter I found on the defunct World of MUGEN website at http://archive.is The first version of him was before Warner update him, he... ... [more] (5.24 MB) 4th December 2019 814 / 337 1
Peter Griffin (CvS2 Reimagining) Peter Griffin (CvS2 Reimagining) (JtheSaltyy) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=YtJFskMQBYs Here is Peter Griffin for M.U.G.E.N. Peter Griffin originates from the animated TV series Family Guy, which is one of my favorite shows to watch. He... ... [more] (4.40 MB) 30th November 2019 629 / 77 7
Giant Chicken (AI update 9/1/19) Giant Chicken (AI update 9/1/19) (The 14th Doctor,...) : Tweaked the conditions of when he'll attempt some attacks. Added walk/jump/air jump AI. He will consider running more often and will stay in the run state instead of rapidly activating it. Now... ... [more] (5.35 MB) 2nd September 2019 1215 / 577 4
Peter Griffin (AI patched) Peter Griffin (AI patched) (The 14th Doctor,...) : Original char: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=88984-peter-v1 -3-1-warner-the-14th-doct or Built using Netyzh's AI Generator, finished by me: https://mugenarchive.com/... ... [more] (8.66 MB) 1st September 2019 2029 / 1,086 10
Meg Griffin Meg Griffin (MarioMarioGuyFan11) : Spriteswap of Ivan Luiz's Sandy, BASH HER! (268.8 KB) 25th May 2019 934 / 189 5
Ernie the Giant Chicken (EDIT) Ernie the Giant Chicken (EDIT) (TheMockery) : Huge overhaul on his gameplay, made by me. Hope you enjoy. (8.51 MB) 22nd April 2019 1055 / 415 5
Peter Rebirth: The Final Insult Peter Rebirth: The Final Insult (Mayotsuki) : Some sort of weird meme edit. Seems like a bootleg Argento Last Remix. Also only time I'm ever posting here, ever. (77.13 MB) 29th March 2019 751 / 108 4
Ultra Omega Peter Griffin Ultra Omega Peter Griffin (MarioMarioGuyFan11/B...) : New Ultra Omega Update for My Ultra Omega Peter Griffin adding tons of crazy stuffs and he can morph into other MUGEN characters!:shock_jaw_dro p::grin::shock_jaw_drop: (16.53 MB) 17th March 2019 1453 / 371 5
Ultra Omega Peter Griffin V3 Ultra Omega Peter Griffin V3 (MarioMarioGuyFan11/B...) : I updated him by adding new moves and more few stuffs. He now has strikers from aperson98's MVC Beavis. This is for the early 20th Anniversary tribute for Family Guy. (11.66 MB) 27th January 2019 1435 / 422 3
Peter Griffin Peter Griffin (The 14th Doctor...) : I edited him fixing some problems and adding some more stuffs to him. (8.79 MB) 15th December 2018 2456 / 1,324 1
Giant Chicken (AI patched) Giant Chicken (AI patched) (Warner,...) : A re-upload of my AI patch packed with the full character. Outdated. Update here: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=119607-giant-c hicken-ai-9-1-19-the-14th... (6.38 MB) 1st December 2018 1524 / 646 1
Joe Swanson (English, AI patched) Joe Swanson (English, AI patched) (Warner, Pizzasauce,...) : Warner's Joe, Pizzasauce's English voice pack, and my AI in one package. (5.85 MB) 30th November 2018 2110 / 1,229 4
Peter Griffin Eng edited Peter Griffin Eng edited (warner) : eng edit to last version of peter griffin of warner and bird is the word victory (10.23 MB) 19th November 2018 1130 / 438 1
Quagmire Quagmire (D10D10D10) :  (18.65 MB) 5th October 2018 2019 / 435 4
Barfing Peter Barfing Peter (D10D10D10) : It's Peter Griffin, except he's throwing up constantly. His attacks also do a lot of damage. (1.09 MB) 5th October 2018 608 / 131 2
Peter Griffin Peter Griffin (The 14th Doctor) : Very funny video! Words from the Author: This little update version for Peter basically adds two intros: -An Team mode intro with Homer(The 14th Doctor's version) based from a youtube video... ... [more] (8.16 MB) 5th October 2018 1442 / 449 2
Ultra Omega Peter Griffin V2 Ultra Omega Peter Griffin V2 (MarioMarioGuyFan11/B...) : An Ultra Omega Edit of Peter is Update with more stuffs added and changed more stuffs. (11.33 MB) 21st September 2018 683 / 138 0
Ultra Omega Peter Griffin Ultra Omega Peter Griffin (MarioMarioGuyFan11/B...) : An Ultra Omega Edit of Peter now has New Special Attacks, New Hypers and Other Stuffs. (8.63 MB) 12th August 2018 931 / 285 1
Peter Edit Peter Edit (warner, PedroMUGEN) : This is an edit by Peter Griffin, which has new animations, sprites, sounds etc, - Improved SF2 Techniques - PosAdd Replaced by VelAdd - Attack Sparks, Guard and Super - SND IN SPANISH - New... (10.71 MB) 9th July 2018 1394 / 245 1
CvS Peter Edit CvS Peter Edit (Warner/Takeshi...) : An edit of Takeshi Takemura Phantom Blood's Peter Griffin added new stuffs and sprites stolen from DDR's and Others. The New Hyper Shun Goku Sastu is added stolen coding from Zobbes' Sheldon Cooper's... (6.71 MB) 8th July 2018 935 / 175 0
Peter Griffin Peter Griffin (Darkspindoctor and...) : The Edit Darkspindoctor's Peter Griffin edit is Updated with Warner's Updated Peter's Stuffs. Unfinished, Maybe someone will... (12.51 MB) 8th July 2018 948 / 114 1
Peter Edit V1.3.1 Peter Edit V1.3.1 (Warner, edited by...) : Updates: Changed up a few small things Removed some unused sound and lines of code Fix the decapitated head of the opponent during the ThunderCats Hyper to not be scaled by size (8.22 MB) 7th June 2018 1651 / 491 0
Peter Edit V1.3 Peter Edit V1.3 (Warner, edited by...) : Updates: Added in some new things from Warner's new updated Changed all Hyper commands to make room for the newly added Hyper move (8.11 MB) 7th June 2018 642 / 85 0
Peter (June 2018 update) Peter (June 2018 update) (warner) : Another offical(?) update for Peter by Warner. Now he can use a hyper based off ThunderCats (How ironic...) to decapitate his enemies. Uses fatality sprites. https://youtu .be/QJSb4AN4hwU (10.77 MB) 6th June 2018 1098 / 241 4
Stewie Griffin Stewie Griffin (MarioMarioGuyFan11) : He's a Spriteswap of Powerplant Worker. (2.25 MB) 27th May 2018 1450 / 396 3
Super Ultra Peter UPDATE Super Ultra Peter UPDATE (DarkSpinDoctor) : An ultra edit of DarkSpinDoctor's Peter Griffin with 3 New Hypers and Others is UPDATED with Few New Things. (8.20 MB) 14th May 2018 976 / 218 3
Glenn Quagmire Glenn Quagmire (Ivan Luiz) : He's a Spriteswap of Ivan Luiz's Plankton. (29.4 KB) 13th May 2018 2278 / 351 3
Peter Griffin Edit Peter Griffin Edit (The 14th Doctor) : I Edit him adding more few stuffs and fixed some few of them.:wink3: (8.47 MB) 6th May 2018 1017 / 206 0
Joe Swanson A.I patched Joe Swanson A.I patched (Warner, A.I by...) : "Requested by MarioBrotherL1UP Joe Swanson: This guy in a wheelchair means business! "Don't judge a book by its cover" comes to play with Joe. He can do some serious damage if caught off guard.... ... [more] (5.12 MB) 1st May 2018 1844 / 661 4
Super Ultra Peter Super Ultra Peter (DarkSpinDoctor) : An ultra edit of DarkSpinDoctor's Peter Griffin with 3 New Hypers and Others. (7.08 MB) 22nd April 2018 997 / 163 1
Big Chicken Big Chicken (Warner) : name ="big chicken" displaynam e ="big chicken" versiondat e =04,14,2002 ;4 abril 2008 mugenversion =04,14,2002 ;Winmugen author ="Warner" pal. defaults =... (2.98 MB) 23rd March 2018 1208 / 325 2
Peter (2018 update) Peter (2018 update) (warner) : It's not much of an update, since it only adds a new special intro against warner's Stan Smith. (10.32 MB) 6th March 2018 2231 / 600 4
Peter Griffin Edit Peter Griffin Edit (Actarus) : I edit Actarus' Peter by Making the sprites not garbled, added hitboxes, fixed Sprites and Others.:stupid::shock_jaw _drop: (302.2 KB) 4th February 2018 833 / 104 4
Peter Griffin XI Peter Griffin XI (Crockrich) : I Edit him fixing the sprites on his Mermaid Peter Move, Adding a MK Fall Pit animation, Added MK TOASTY! animation from Warner's New-ish Update Peter, Added a New intro from The 14th Doctor's... ... [more] (21.89 MB) 28th January 2018 1569 / 391 2
Fighter Stewie Fighter Stewie (Z) : Spriteswap of Zobbes' Gumball Watterson.:shock_jaw_drop ::shock_jaw_drop::shock_j aw_drop: (7.57 MB) 28th January 2018 1304 / 306 2
Peter Edit v1.2 Peter Edit v1.2 (Warner, edited by...) : All the new addtions from Warner's updated Peter have been added to The 14th Doctor's own Peter Griffin edit. This is absolutely the best Peter for Mugen. (7.83 MB) 23rd January 2018 1308 / 324 4
Peter (Januray 2018 update) Peter (Januray 2018 update) (Warner) : https://youtu.be/8MNnUXpM 30k (9.74 MB) 19th January 2018 1220 / 221 1
Omega Peter Griffin Omega Peter Griffin (warner) : Omega Peter Griffin Is An Stupid Omega Edit Of warner's Peter Griffin. He Has Stolen Some Sprites and Hitboxes From Actarus's Version, He Does The intro versus Scropion againest Toro Inoue, Fygar and... ... [more] (6.15 MB) 27th December 2017 899 / 110 5
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