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Zao-Long Zao-Long (knkn) : 造龍(Zao-Long ) ※AIあ| 26; (1.41 MB) 17th March 2017 977 / 174 0
Zao-Long Zao-Long (Borewood) : Custom_ZaoLong_2013-04-07 (2.91 MB) 27th March 2015 1977 / 402 1
Wu-Ling Wu-Ling (mass) : Essentially a bright and energetic girl in nature. Brainwashed by an assassination organization, who assigned her to murder without question. But the brainwashing effect has now started to fade,... (3.13 MB) 4th June 2013 2504 / 764 0
Yu-Lan Yu-Lan (mass) : A coaxing, skillful villainess. But in essence, she feels lonely and hungers for love. Slow and tricky movements that imitate Drunken Boxing, and with her voluptuous body and breaks, she can... (3.64 MB) 4th June 2013 2958 / 1,035 1
Tain-Ren Tain-Ren (mass) : Has a strong competitive spirit, but loathes crooked things. A mixed-blooded child born from an English father and Chinese mother. Has inherited the "Shirataka Ken" (Fist of the Shirataka) from... ... [more] (2.83 MB) 4th June 2013 2968 / 928 0
Ja-Koh Ja-Koh (mass) : A man with a ruthless and stern disposition. For revenge, he even threw away his own sanity. He can manipulate a red-colored cloth, a hunter who hunts assassins. (2.67 MB) 4th June 2013 2298 / 743 2
Egith Egith (mass) : A genuine homosexual male who has said, "my body is male but my spirit is of a woman." He assembles and raises orphans, but also continues the family business of assassination for the sake of... (2.82 MB) 4th June 2013 3353 / 530 1
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