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Destiny Dio Playable Pinned File Destiny Dio Playable (悪咲3号氏+41氏+吉鲁氏+huate/...) : Playable version of Destiny Dio with bug fixes in the code. 《命 运迪奥 dio_destiny》 *A I update *Please read the whole description! *Only the Destiny.Dio's Special Mode(7P-10P), Final Mode(11P),... ... [more] (77.83 MB) Dec 02, 2019 19.7 K / 5 K 71
Final Dio Brando Pinned File Final Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : BIO: Dio's main form during the latter half of the DIO's World story arc, often called his 'High' or 'Awakened' form. Dio nears his physical peak after draining Joseph Joestar's blood. His... ... [more] (3.43 MB) Jul 30, 2009 83.3 K / 34.2 K 264
Jotaro Kujo Pinned File Jotaro Kujo (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: Jotaro Kujo (Stand: Star Platinum) When Joseph Joestar's grandson first appears, Jotaro is turning himself in to the police because he... ... [more] (3.22 MB) Jul 30, 2009 153.3 K / 61 K 449
Shadow Dio Pinned File Shadow Dio (Warusaki3) : Shadow Dio (Stand: None) Based on Dio when he is seen bathed in the shadows of his mansion, the version of him can be quite powerful. Shadow Dio does not have a visible face as an effect of the... ... [more] (3.00 MB) Jul 30, 2009 29.2 K / 11.6 K 48
Dio Brando Pinned File Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: "Za Warudo" "Toki wo tomare" "Kurae!" "Roada rollera da" "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYY!" "Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda..." "Soshite toki ga... ... [more] (3.47 MB) Jul 30, 2009 146.5 K / 55.7 K 449
Vanilla Ice (Iced) Pinned File Vanilla Ice (Iced) (Warusaki3) : Last update : 2011/09/07 vanillaice by warusaki3 Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer and explodes Story: Vanil la Ice -also know as Iced in the USA- (Stand: Cream) Dio's most loyal... ... [more] (3.25 MB) Apr 30, 2009 20 K / 8.5 K 41
Final DIO (New/Proper ASB Voice) Final DIO (New/Proper ASB Voice) (Warusaki3) : Last, but certainly not least, Final DIO. As said before for the last two, Final DIO never received a "Proper" ASB voice with most of his lines either not sounding clean nor consistent, so I'm hoping... ... [more] (8.89 MB) Yesterday 150 / 37 1
DIO (New/Proper ASB Voice) DIO (New/Proper ASB Voice) (Warusaki3) : DIO has received the same treatment as Jotaro with him also getting a "Proper" ASB voice! As said before, most of his past voice patches either have not sounded clean nor consistent, so I'm hoping... ... [more] (8.86 MB) Yesterday 125 / 31 0
Jotaro Kujo (New/Proper ASB Voice) Jotaro Kujo (New/Proper ASB Voice) (Warusaki3) : Yes, you've read this correctly! I've always felt that Jotaro never received a "Proper" ASB voice with most of his lines either not sounding clean nor consistent, so I'm hoping that I finally make it... ... [more] (9.44 MB) Yesterday 134 / 38 0
Steely Dan update 2.0 Steely Dan update 2.0 (kozeni+supersandia2) : Features: -Anime Skin palette -Color separation in eyes -minor color separation, principally in hurt sprites -Fixed the file name Plus: a anime voice pack from Diamond Records included in the... ... [more] (12.53 MB) Yesterday 285 / 25 3
steely dan update steely dan update (kozeni+supersandia2) : so i updated the old steely dan,it has some new sprites but most of them are taken from the other version of the char,the lovers sprites are taken from jojos venture, idle sprite by mawosic taunt my... (4.48 MB) Sep 26, 2020 309 / 45 6
Final Battle Joseph (Nimame Ver) Final Battle Joseph (Nimame Ver) (Nimame +...) : The Final Battle Joseph but it's the Nimame version. I converted the sprites that were made by me and edited by Naza15 (Thanks Naza for deleting the black lines). I also make new palettes and I... ... [more] (14.70 MB) Sep 25, 2020 306 / 31 4
Gray Fly extremely minor edit Gray Fly extremely minor edit (kakyoin-kun, CS by...) : So this is a very minor edit to Gray fly that gives him Midnight Bliss Compatability. You may ask "Why?" and the answer to why I did this is no other reason than I could. Also if you don't know... (4.96 MB) Sep 23, 2020 188 / 19 5
Nijimura Okuyasu (new icon) Nijimura Okuyasu (new icon) (Smartplus50) : This is a small update, where I tried to make a new version of the icon. There are no particular game changes here, just some little things are important to me too. Special thanks to supersandia2... ... [more] (11.69 MB) Sep 22, 2020 397 / 61 2
Nijimura Okuyasu Nijimura Okuyasu (Smartplus50 +...) : A small update edit for Okuyasu, Josuke's best friend. Here are some things I edited: Added the "Character Name WIN". Fixed the Super Knockdown animation whenever Okuyasu is hit by a basic... ... [more] (11.69 MB) Sep 21, 2020 523 / 81 11
Jotaro Kujo ASB Jotaro Kujo ASB (Iver Stone and...) : -Well people here I bring you a Jotaro that is quite good also that his attacks are easy to use also one of the best characters that I hope you enjoy. -Credits: -Thi s character is made by:Iver... ... [more] (33.76 MB) Sep 17, 2020 648 / 126 9
Joseph (JJV) Update Joseph (JJV) Update (Nimame + Kakyoin-Kun) : I had to update my Joseph but affected by Alessi's stand (I mean the Young Joseph with the part 3 outfit). The things I changed or added: I added the Hamon Charge move where his power bar... ... [more] (13.64 MB) Sep 12, 2020 649 / 50 1
Judgement/Kameo Anime Voice Judgement/Kameo Anime Voice (Corntortillas,...) : Thanks to Vish for the Diamond Records anime sounds! Vish Channel: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/?redirecturl=https %3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com% 2Fchannel%2FUCBAhIz3G9Dhw hFYSCxWFJ-A Features:... ... [more] (3.41 MB) Sep 12, 2020 250 / 76 0
Enyaba Geil Anime (Playable) Enyaba Geil Anime (Playable) (Corntortillas,...) : This is a playable version of Enya The Hag (4.99 MB) Sep 11, 2020 301 / 86 1
Shadow Jotaro Shadow Jotaro (Warusaki3, edited...) : This is just a sprite swap from Jotaro in Warusaki3's Shadow DIO (4.55 MB) Sep 11, 2020 733 / 194 11
Enyaba Geil Anime (anime voice) Enyaba Geil Anime (anime voice) (Corntortillas,...) : Now it have anime voice! thanks to Vish for the sounds Vish channel: https://www.youtube.com/c hannel/UCBAhIz3G9DhwhFYSC xWFJ-A Anime palette and portrait by Naza15 Playable Version:... ... [more] (4.98 MB) Sep 11, 2020 244 / 37 2
Diavolo Remap (Color Separation) Diavolo Remap (Color Separation) (Amarimono, Ditchu,...) : Button remap by Redastrin Color Separation by Naza15 Enjoy! (53.70 MB) Sep 09, 2020 834 / 238 1
Vanilla Ice Color Separation Edit Vanilla Ice Color Separation Edit (Warusaki3 + S.Y +...) : Naza15 had a small unfinished project where he tried to do a new Color Separation on my Vanilla Ice update edit. The only things that Naza separated were his eyes and hands, but the arms weren't... ... [more] (29.03 MB) Sep 08, 2020 374 / 35 6
Anubis Polnareff Upgrade 2 Anubis Polnareff Upgrade 2 (Warusaki3 + JakeW +...) : A another upgrade for Anubis Polnareff but, with new Sliver Chariot sprites I added and ripped by me from the HFTF Development Mode. Also includes a extra Color Separation by me. The only thing I... ... [more] (5.06 MB) Sep 07, 2020 349 / 91 8
Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli (TY0402AR) : Mixed my edit (close quarter competent) with Kakyoin-Kun 's one, now he can do combos at close combat and has the new super, also the "low bubble cutter" in "D" button, enjoy (9.28 MB) Sep 07, 2020 266 / 99 3
Jonathan Joestar (Custom Gameplay) Jonathan Joestar (Custom Gameplay) (amarimono (edited...) : Custom gameplay inspired loosely by BlazBlue Cross Tag and Fantasy Strike. (28.14 MB) Sep 06, 2020 377 / 53 4
Vanilla Ice Anime V1/V2 Vanilla Ice Anime V1/V2 (Warusaki3, S.Y,...) : i fixed Kakyoin-Kun vanilla ice edit Diamond Records sounds and i replace the HFTF sounds with the anime sounds, and i made another edit with a mix of mine and Papiroska edits there are 2... ... [more] (48.79 MB) Sep 06, 2020 251 / 36 0
Requiem Giorno Anime/eoh ger voice Requiem Giorno Anime/eoh ger voice (Amarimono, Naza15,...) : Features: -i change the anime voice of GER with the asb/eoh voices from requiem giorno from iver stone because i like more that voice -Palette from Final Giorno inspired in iver stone giorno pal ... ... [more] (6.60 MB) Sep 05, 2020 737 / 364 2
Trish Una Anime Update Trish Una Anime Update (Amarimono, Naza15,...) : Features: -The ugly sounds with very low volume of Diamond Records are fixed -Color Separation in Spice Girl eyes only in the normal palette, if you want it in other palettes change it by yourself... ... [more] (8.85 MB) Sep 05, 2020 416 / 130 1
Stardust Crusader Edit (Update 1) Stardust Crusader Edit (Update 1) (No.26, edited by me) : Cheap edit by No.26, sprites, sounds were edited by me Also with anime/modern voice! PS: because I don't like its classic voice Update 1(mini): one of the sprites has a problem -> solved (19.03 MB) Sep 02, 2020 346 / 26 2
Heavy Weather (80% Finished) Heavy Weather (80% Finished) (Mugenid) : Hello, people of Mugen, Do you remember me? I am Mugenid, i am the creator of some chars like the old jolyne, foo fighters, and more, obviously i dont do it alone, but... every char i made i create... ... [more] (7.63 MB) Sep 01, 2020 654 / 152 10
Stardust Crusader Edited Stardust Crusader Edited (No.26) : Cheap edit by No.26, sprites, sounds were edited by me Also with anime/modern voice! PS: because I don't like its classic voice Update 1: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f... (19.03 MB) Sep 01, 2020 503 / 75 0
Caesar Update Caesar Update (TY0402AR + JJJ +...) : I upgraded Caesar Zeppeli with some changes: A New Portrait. Added the Kanji when he walk, crouch, jump, and dash. Added the sparks when he does his hamon charge move. Added a Stylish... ... [more] (11.19 MB) Aug 31, 2020 588 / 105 8
Joseph Joestar Joseph Joestar (Men'sClub...) : a new skill: B,F,y Image from Stroheim (17.11 MB) Aug 30, 2020 535 / 73 4
N'Doul (Color Separation) N'Doul (Color Separation) (Shio (edited by...) : N'Doul with a color separation and anime voice by me. It includes interactions and new Super Move knockdowns. He can interact with: Jotaro Kakyoi n Avdol ... [more] (5.77 MB) Aug 25, 2020 554 / 161 7
New Rubber Soul (Color Separation) New Rubber Soul (Color Separation) (bad...) : IT TOOK ABOUT THREE DAYS:duane: Added: - New Anime palette - Color separation of his pants - Anime sound - New portrait (7.77 MB) Aug 23, 2020 551 / 146 4
rubber sould 2.0 WIP2 (rereupload) rubber sould 2.0 WIP2 (rereupload) (bad...) : so this is the third time that i try to upload this and i think that now i know why it was getting deleted, so the new moves are yellow march: D,D,D goo upwards shoot: F,B,a temperance web: B,F,b... ... [more] (4.17 MB) Aug 21, 2020 668 / 66 12
Vanilla Ice Update Vanilla Ice Update (Warusaki3 (edited...) : A Vanilla Ice update by me with some changes. I did some color separations like his hair, hearts from his stand Cream, and Shadow DIO sprites. Added some Kanji when walking, jumping, crouch, attack... ... [more] (30.92 MB) Aug 21, 2020 570 / 94 9
Jolyne Kujo V.2 (Color Separation) Jolyne Kujo V.2 (Color Separation) (amarimono (edited...) :  (14.94 MB) Aug 21, 2020 905 / 248 3
New Rubber Soul New Rubber Soul (bad darkness) : Beefed up edit of bad darkness's Rubber Soul. Also, webs appear all over the place for some reason. (1.71 MB) Aug 19, 2020 308 / 52 2