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Destiny Dio Playable Pinned File Destiny Dio Playable (悪咲3号氏+41氏+吉鲁氏+huate/...) : Playable version of Destiny Dio with bug fixes in the code. 《命 运迪奥 dio_destiny》 *A I update *Please read the whole description! *Only the Destiny.Dio's Special Mode(7P-10P), Final Mode(11P),... ... [more] (77.83 MB) 2nd December 2019 5176 / 1,344 22
Final Dio Brando Pinned File Final Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Dio's main form during the latter half of the DIO's World story arc, often called his 'High' or 'Awakened' form. Dio nears his physical peak after draining Joseph Joestar's blood. His appearance now... ... [more] (3.43 MB) 30th July 2009 69524 / 28,741 231
Jotaro Kujo Pinned File Jotaro Kujo (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: Jotaro Kujo (Stand: Star Platinum) When Joseph Joestar's grandson first appears, Jotaro is turning himself in to the police because he... ... [more] (3.22 MB) 30th July 2009 125274 / 49,774 374
Shadow Dio Pinned File Shadow Dio (Warusaki3) : Shadow Dio (Stand: None) Based on Dio when he is seen bathed in the shadows of his mansion, the version of him can be quite powerful. Shadow Dio does not have a visible face as an effect of the... ... [more] (3.00 MB) 30th July 2009 23724 / 9,166 44
Dio Brando Pinned File Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: "Za Warudo" "Toki wo tomare" "Kurae!" "Roada rollera da" "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYY!" "Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda..." "Soshite toki ga... ... [more] (3.47 MB) 30th July 2009 124021 / 47,160 386
Vanilla Ice (Iced) Pinned File Vanilla Ice (Iced) (Warusaki3) : Last update : 2011/09/07 vanillaice by warusaki3 Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer and explodes Story: Vanil la Ice -also know as Iced in the USA- (Stand: Cream) Dio's most loyal... ... [more] (3.25 MB) 30th April 2009 17667 / 7,439 38
Kakyoin OVA Kakyoin OVA (Nimame (edited by...) : So here's my first attempt on Kakyoin with his Japanese OVA voice, It was a really hard voice edit because I was lazy also whenever some voice clips don't match the quotes. I made 2 palettes, 1 is... ... [more] (8.28 MB) Today 207 / 8 0
Kakyon Noriaki Kakyon Noriaki (KAKATTE KOI!...) :  (5.48 MB) Yesterday 201 / 8 3
Arcade (Censored) Final DIO V2 Arcade (Censored) Final DIO V2 (Warusaki3 (edited...) : Here's my V2 version of my Arcade Version of DIO in HFTF. This time, he has 5 palettes just like in HFTF game. He can't interact with Jotaro anymore. His world has now alt colors and fixed by me.... ... [more] (4.40 MB) 15th February 2020 156 / 14 4
Jotaro Kujo (English OVA voice) Jotaro Kujo (English OVA voice) (Warusaki3, m-ism (...) :  (13.54 MB) 14th February 2020 179 / 32 1
High Dio High Dio (Warusaki3, Naza15) : I add Interactions and fix the palette, i edit Naza15 final dio color separation, Thanks to Ditchu and Shadyren to teach me how to make interactions Interaction s List: -Giorno (amarimono)... ... [more] (26.03 MB) 14th February 2020 305 / 44 3
KAKATTE KOI KAKATTE KOI (Nimame, Spider-Hog...) : KAKATTE KOI! KAKATTE KOI! KAKATTE KOI! KAKATTE KOI! (2.47 MB) 13th February 2020 341 / 49 3
Shadow DIO Alt. Shadow DIO Alt. (Warusaki3, edited...) : ??? (4.62 MB) 12th February 2020 298 / 50 6
DIO (Anime) Button remap DIO (Anime) Button remap (Mr.Giang + Warusaki3) : Cambie los controles para los que se acostumbraron a los trabajos de warusaki3, el stand en A y el dodge en el B Version original: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f... (13.40 MB) 11th February 2020 304 / 35 1
Diego beta Diego beta (404) :  (5.70 MB) 10th February 2020 540 / 97 6
ultimate kars anime colors ultimate kars anime colors (JJJ) : just edited the palletes,changed the taunt so he uses the flying sprites,changed the vampire helpers into wham and acdc (17.86 MB) 9th February 2020 369 / 90 2
Giorno Old Version from Iver Stone Giorno Old Version from Iver Stone (Amarimono, Iver...) : I made better palette for the Giorno from Iver Stone Mugen Beta 2, change some sounds from Juki2002 Giorno and replace gold experience sprites for Naza15 Giorno ¡Enjoy! :pleasantry: PD:sorr y... ... [more] (8.52 MB) 9th February 2020 386 / 82 2
DIO (Part 6) (New, and Bug Fix) DIO (Part 6) (New, and Bug Fix) (Ditchu) : "Another DIO?" Back at it again! Now with some bugs fixes and some changes and a new thing. Now, the "patch notes"! -Changed some animations for the interactions -Single Knife Attack now... ... [more] (85.40 MB) 8th February 2020 920 / 133 12
Final Dio (Diavolo Voice Swap) Final Dio (Diavolo Voice Swap) (Warusaki3 + jehj93,...) : So the idea having Final Dio with diavolo voice got me hyped for real. So I tried replacing all dio voice lines by anime diavolo voice lines, then do some coding on the voices also. The anime... ... [more] (14.66 MB) 6th February 2020 368 / 31 10
Final Dio (Color Separation) Final Dio (Color Separation) (Warusaki3,...) : I made a separation of dio (The hair, eyes and lips), special thanks to Redastin by his new sounds and dylanmeme by the original anime pal. (10.27 MB) 5th February 2020 407 / 62 3
Destiny DIO Ps1 Voice v2 Destiny DIO Ps1 Voice v2 (huate) : Very good friends of Mugen Archive, today I bring you the second version of destinydio, with the voices of the psx day, I have changed your voice when the battle will begin, and I have fixed some... ... [more] (84.80 MB) 3rd February 2020 201 / 29 1
Part 6 DIO Shadow Style Fixed Axis Part 6 DIO Shadow Style Fixed Axis (Warusaki3 + Ditchu...) : I edited Naza15's Part 6 dio spriteswap of shadow dio. He has fixed axis during the intro, one of his win poses, and super move sprites. I added some new palettes too. A new death portrait also with... ... [more] (8.14 MB) 3rd February 2020 363 / 70 1
Diavolo Button Remap Diavolo Button Remap (amarimono+ditchu) : His controls have been remapped to be more accurate to the HFTF controls. (45.14 MB) 1st February 2020 1321 / 343 9
Giorno Anime (Final Ver) (Update) Giorno Anime (Final Ver) (Update) (Amarimono +...) : Fixed some bugs and pals, special thank to Juki2002 for the anime voices. (18.12 MB) 1st February 2020 697 / 181 3
Hol Horse/Tusk Hol Horse/Tusk (y.y (Edited by...) : A old stand replacement request from alejot37. Now I came back to do stand replacements again for jojo stand users. He said this character type is gonna be funny. Hol horse stand is now husk instead... ... [more] (5.27 MB) 1st February 2020 486 / 72 7
Giorno Anime voice Giorno Anime voice (Amarimono +...) : I tried to change the best with anime clips for this char I had out there (20.62 MB) 1st February 2020 297 / 49 0
Notorious B.I.G Notorious B.I.G (Risotto) : I remaped his controls, now his buttons are organized in HFTF style, I also added more commands so his specials can be done by pressing any attack button and simplified his lvl3 to... (10.09 MB) 30th January 2020 672 / 83 5
New Kosaku Kawajiri New Kosaku Kawajiri (Amarimono (Edited...) : some audios were improved by raising the quality of it some sprites were re-made new, and the hair has been a little fixed the portrait was created by RedPooler and it was added by me And... ... [more] (8.56 MB) 30th January 2020 807 / 234 4
Phantom Blood DIO and The World Phantom Blood DIO and The World (dniw,0011,Iver...) : Phantom Blood DIO and The World but the stand is the shadow version. (8.10 MB) 29th January 2020 620 / 111 7
Baoh (almost finished) Baoh (almost finished) (elecbyte) : so it's almost finished except for 2 aspects,the grab and the kung fu knee,i changed the controls and the sounds,includes the acid attack,the laser canon and his electric attacks (290.8 KB) 28th January 2020 375 / 43 3
OVA Jacket DIO OVA Jacket DIO (Warusaki3 & Mr....) : After I released the OVA Final Dio (Warusaki3 Ver), there was no jacket dio ova voice patch, so I made one for Mr.Giang's DIO. I also edited his palette by using OVA Final Dio palette by ... ... [more] (10.28 MB) 27th January 2020 507 / 74 9
Jotaro OVA (Color Separation) Jotaro OVA (Color Separation) (Warusaki3 (edited...) : Special thanks to @Redastin , TheMasterFlippy and musthe1 for the char, added color separation and some news pals. (10.59 MB) 26th January 2020 498 / 103 3
Jotaro OVA Improved Jotaro OVA Improved (Warusaki3 (edited...) : I used TheMasterFlippy 's and musthe1 's edit and improved it to be more accurate. New features: - OVA time stop sound effect - More accurate palette Also make sure to join the Jojo Mugen... ... [more] (8.05 MB) 26th January 2020 501 / 149 1
Dio Part 1 (Anime) Dio Part 1 (Anime) (SARAMI) : A old version of Dio Part 1 with some assistants like Bruford, Wang and Jack The ripper, special thank to Iverv12 for the Dio sprites. (9.50 MB) 26th January 2020 697 / 171 9
Baoh (unfinished) Baoh (unfinished) (Elecbyte) : remember baoh? well it's back and as a mugen char for now it's a kfm reskin but when i learn to program it will be like htf style supers and specials are inspired from asb (313.3 KB) 25th January 2020 445 / 35 6
DIO (Anime) DIO (Anime) (Mr.Giang + Warusaki3) : new palettes for both DIO and The World, new sounds, and A can be used for hypers. (17.58 MB) 25th January 2020 469 / 80 1
Final DIO (Minor Sound Edit) Final DIO (Minor Sound Edit) (Warusaki3+morgansted...) : replaced the muda, taunt, and road roller "WRYY", along with other minor changes. (19.73 MB) 25th January 2020 274 / 37 1
Master of『世界』 Master of『世界』 (Dniw, edited) : New palettes from Josuke, Pucci and more. also some fixes -- Updated 26th January 2020-01:57 -- DIO, user of 『世界& #12303;, the immortal stand. Imagine G.E.R, but you pissed him off so much... ... [more] (8.43 MB) 25th January 2020 670 / 116 3
Yoshikage Kira (Anime) Yoshikage Kira (Anime) (Ü‚è‚à‚Ì, Jake W ...) : I fix some error in the sprites. (12.62 MB) 24th January 2020 759 / 192 2
Death 13 Anime Voice (Small Update) Death 13 Anime Voice (Small Update) (GOKUHI) : replaced all the damage sounds, the strong hit sounds are much more impactful, and the old one is used for lighter attacks. replaced the sounds for the mini scythes, they now have a sound similar to... (12.19 MB) 23rd January 2020 295 / 64 1
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