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2nd February 2019
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This Bardock that plays in MVC Style. More bugs are fixed and won't lag.

Also, Version 0.1 was a rated a 7/10. Here are reasons:

-The beam is WAY too safe, When another char guards, it takes too much damage
-Colors are kind of bad, but they're OK
-It had only one Victory Pose, Unlike the Yzan Bardock and My Bardock (Version 0.2) which has multiple victory poses.

Wondering Why He Says "SHORYUKEN!!"?

I had a dream one day, I was at Namek, relaxing myself and Bardock yelled "SHORYUKEN!!"
and did the Uppercut. And then when I wake up out of bed, I basically power my computer
up and logon, basically I used the uppercut sprites, and Used The "SHORYUKEN!!" Voice.
This ideo was from my Dream.

Sprites Used:
DBZ Extreme Butoden

Voices used:
Sonny Strait (All voice clips)

Came From:

0.1: https://mugenarchive.com/forums/down...bardock-n00b12

And also, I'd gotten rid of the move lags so
they won't be all done at the same time.

Enjoy my Character!
©2018 n00b12 Productions
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New Challenger
17th April 2019 at 20:25
It have SSJ????????????
17th April 2019 at 03:12
maybe bardock had a vision with goku and frieza helping each other to defeat jiren,and since it was on namek,maybe he time traveled
New Challenger
3rd February 2019 at 02:55
Hmm, this is a very interesting bardock, gonna try him out and see how I think compared to Yzan's Bardock.
New Challenger
3rd February 2019 at 01:45
If you want to see the premier that will begin at 9:30,
click here:

A youtube channel is required, so you can chat live.
2nd February 2019 at 23:52
Woah, I was just playing this guy vs the Yzan Bardock earlier today trying to decide for the 30th time which to keep and then along comes this update! Greedy bugger that I am, I popped him in straightaway and here's what I found:

- Energy Wave's nerfing/stabilizing. It doesn't do like 65% damage to a blocking character anymore, and Bardock doesn't slide across the screen ahead of the beam anymore.
- Bardock now has two victory poses (though he used the "Worthless after all!" one like 90% of the time when I tested him, idk if they're preset to generate based on certain conditions or if I was just unlucky).
- You kept the Shoryuken (call me contrarian, but the naysaying turned me around to it, 'sides, if Deadpool can have a Shoryuken, so can Bardock, and it has a fun story behind it).
- The AI is still good without being overpowering now that Energy Wave isn't a gamebreaker.

- The palettes are still, and I'm not a technical MUGEN guy so this is the best word I can think of for it, "hardcoded". That is, when I try to move them around in the .def (I set my default pals to the 4th slot instead of the 1st, weird personal preference) they still don't move and the only fix is still to go in and delete the pals in Fighter Factory. If there's a way to, uh, "un-hardcode" them, it would be much appreciated.
- Some stuff I didn't notice from the first edit because I was too hung up on Energy Wave and the pals: he has no superjump. This isn't a big deal for a regular DBZ character, but an MVC styled one ought to have it.
- Another carryover from 0.1 I missed in my first review: his throw animation is a little weird. It starts out fine, but the actual act of throwing is... off. It's like he just kinda drops the enemy, instead of performing an actual throw. Maybe on another character that could work, but Bardock was (iirc) a very physical fighter who used a lot of tackles and bodyslams.

GENERAL SUGGESTIONS (for a potential 0.3 update)
- I know he generates meter automatically, but all DBZ characters should have a way to charge meter, imo. He feels incomplete without one.
- Also, basic energy blasts. Literally everyone in DBZ that isn't Mr. Satan can use these.
- As mentioned earlier, superjump would be awesome.
- Since you're committed to the Shoryuken (the correct decision, imo) maybe give him a Dragon Fist-esque hyper version of the move?
- Lowest-ranked of the suggestions, but: his "Worthless after all!" victory pose looks more like a time over defeated pose than a win. idk if he has any alternate victory poses you could use as a replacement (if not, it's fine) or maybe hardcode it to generate if he wins only with low health? It's just weird to play a perfect round and them he holds himself like he got beat up, lol.

- A definite improvement to your 0.1 Bardock and I can now comfortably keep him over Yzan's Bardock, but there's still some tweaks he could use (some of which I really should have noticed and mentioned in my first review, d'oh!). The updated rating now stands at 8/10, and I really think that if you decide to make a 0.3 that might just be the definitive MVC Bardock.