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Uploaded by 23rd February 2017
Author Author Megaman
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A cute little creature who's known for giving others tickles and just straight up "attractive"!.

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  • Minccino
  • Minccino
  • Minccino

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7th March 2017 at 16:35
Ugh... His name is noy Chrono and i was trying to tell eveyone that I am moving to other things now... My unreleased Hpney the Cat character will be my last.
New Challenger
7th March 2017 at 16:08
Chrono Pissed me off when he killed Minccino! :'(
New Challenger
2nd March 2017 at 21:40
I really don't see what's so funny about this. Am I missing the joke? Chrono comes on screen and kills Minccino, so what? I'm slightly annoyed that I wasted my time with it more than anything.
New Challenger
23rd February 2017 at 17:29
They would make cool Chars to play as.
New Challenger
23rd February 2017 at 17:27
That's ok, by the way I saw your Honey The Cat Sprite including your other spritework and I said your sprites are Awesome! Also They would make cool to play as. :)
23rd February 2017 at 03:00
I don't do Pokemon characters anymore. Neither do I make MUGEN characters in general.
New Challenger
23rd February 2017 at 02:42
Can I make a fighter request, if so Can you do Scyther Please? (Scyther is one of my all-time favorite Pokemon of all time!)
23rd February 2017 at 01:48
Will do, thanks for the help.
23rd February 2017 at 01:21
Check your computer. You might have a time gate in your computer. You can remove it by destroying the source to it. Which is a key. Just be warned, after getting the key...

You'll still be hungry.

Otherwise than not, no.
23rd February 2017 at 01:00
Um... Chrono comes on screen, kills Minccino and the round ends. Every time I select the char. Is that the intent?
23rd February 2017 at 00:36
Chrono Cross was a crappy game that sucked up on Chrono Trigger's name.