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Time Immemorial

Uploaded by 15th February 2017
Author Author jejabu
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1.1 screen pack.
Double .zip for extra compression, because I don't like using .rar and .7z isn't supported.

Originally Mugen Fighting Jam by Jesuszilla mixed with some assets from screen packs of Marvel Vs Capcom Clash of Superheroes, Street Fighter Alpha 3, life bars of Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, Capcom vs. S.N.K. 2 and some other random stuff..
Life bar used originally by ライス.
Not an impressive screen pack, but I just wanted to try doing it..

- 640x480 resolution
- can hold more than 66 characters
- life bars are CVS2 based, with added animations and adjusted coordinates for character faces 9000,2 to fit properly with the face holders, looks great with warusaki3 and ''H CVS2 characters
- fight.snd is a mix of CVS2, MVC1, SF3rdS
- has CVS2 style screen transitions for all screens except the VS screen
- has scan lines integrated into it... so some might not like it at all...
- MVC1 font
- mugen.cfg is optimized, hopefully it runs buttery smooth on other people's computer

* Inside the fight folder, there are two .def files;
- X.def for CVS2 characters with triangular 9000,2 portraits
- Z.def is for general use, doesn't use in fight portraits
* Changed the scan lines.
* I've uploaded this here before, this is just an updated version with all the changes I've made thus far.. hopefully this is my final version.
* Don't worry, the scan lines don't appear during fights, unless you use some of my edited stages.



  • Time Immemorial
  • Time Immemorial
  • Time Immemorial
  • Time Immemorial
  • Time Immemorial
  • Time Immemorial
  • Time Immemorial
  • Time Immemorial
  • Time Immemorial

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