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Feb 14, 2020
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My final character before hiatus is finally here.

She is a character first introduced in "Shinsetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushidō Retsuden", a NeoGeo CD Samurai Shodown RPG game as Amakusa's henchmen during the first half of the chapter.

This is the first time ever where she was brought outside of her home game!

Although she is more of a bonus character than a regular entry, she is pretty unique (both design wise and kit wise) and I tried extremely hard to make her both faithful to the original game, but still make her work in MUGEN.

What is included:
4 Specials

- Surasshu Atakku [236+Punch] - A projectile skill.
- Boushi Otoshi [236+Kick] - A projectile grab skill.
- Godan-Kikku [214+Kick] - A combo/init skill.
- Kishin No Tetsudai [214+Punch] - A reversal attack skill.

2 Supers

- Daburu Surasshu Atakku [236+236+Punch] - A double projectile super.
- Kishin No Boushi [236+236+Kick] - A projectile grab super.

and 2 MAX

- MAX Daburu Surasshu Atakku [236+236+2 Punchs] - A double projectile MAX.
- MAX Kishin No Boushi [236+236+2 Kicks] - A projectile grab MAX.

and 6 cool color palettes!

She also has a very unique passive to her kit.
Since she is a SamSho character afterall, I decided to add something called: "Samurai Shodown Mode"

Press <x + b> together to get into the stance and tap down twice to get out of it (unless you get hit).

She gains:

- A complete new stance with change in color of her hat
- High, slow jumps like in Samurai Shodown
- 6 normal attacks (Stand + Air) that deals twice the damage of regular norms
- Ricochet function for high damage slash move
- An evade
- Fast dashes
- All SamSho Mode norms are connectable with specials, supers and MAX's

I kept her as a secret from my fellow MUGEN community for a VERY long time cuz I wanted this to be a little present for those who loved and endorsed all my previous works. She was a very tiresome journey (I literally had to work with 2 sprites for one frame) due to her hat sprites, but all in all she was a joy to work with and I hope she'll be a great collection for MUGEN.

HAVE FUN! Now I'm going into hiatus!!! *Oh and feedbacks are very much appreciated!

All sprites and sounds are ripped by me.
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  • Ushiwakahime
  • Ushiwakahime

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