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Besides this info which is kinda (what, who, where & how) i'm also not sure if it comes close to any other related Winmugen + versions, but i have been testing this one, and it runs smoother then any other Winmugen i'v ever tested, therefore this share enjoy. For your collection.

About startup problem

Phenomenon   not to start If n-4x6.fnt is not in the font folder, it will quit without starting up.   It solves with a clean installation again.   Also,   even if there are defs that can not be read in hundreds of character def files that are loaded, they are terminated immediately without starting them.   It   can be solved by identifying the character whose def is a neck and removing only that character or modifying its def (in most cases, Japanese, Tab letters are the cause)

It is possible to "read" on the VS screen and

  fix it to the end . It
  is because there is a character string that can not be accepted in the def setting file . (In most cases, * Versiondate, * Mugenversion)
  versiondate, Mugenversion can be solved by commenting out.
 (It seems to check the contents more strictly than Dos version, character strings other than numbers are not allowed).

When falling back from team mode

  it seems that it occurs only with a specific screen pack. If you change the corresponding pack,
  that hang-up will be avoided for the time being.

I can not read air, it is displayed that there is a mistake in anim and it does not start

  If the way of writing air is not accurate, I will quit after warning.
  It is possible to fix by correcting the anim number with MCM again.

It suddenly becomes a general protection violation It is a

  phenomenon which occurs during reloading of memory and is
  somewhat weak to the reloading process, so this phenomenon seems to occur if repeated reloading by necessity does.
  Repetition of repeated use of SHIFT + F4, ESC> game also causes this phenomenon often.


  WinMUGEN does not support the full color stage, it ends with "Cant open stage" and ends afterwards
  , so an error will occur on the stage containing the full color sprite . It is possible to reduce and color the file of the sprite No to 256 colors.

  If it is displayed only as "Cant open stage", there is no particular problem in the stage file,
   it seems to be caused by an error during loading process irrespective of stage problem.
  (In this case, if you start up again, you can correctly read the corresponding stage normally)


The palette of the character 's face is strange about the malfunction

  The 9000,0 is output and the palette is made equivalent to the palette of the pcx registered at the top, or
  by rearranging 9000.1, 9,9.2 at the beginning by various tools whose registration position can be changed readily
  , 9000.0 It is possible to prevent color garbling together.

Screen pack fonts are not displayed   Perhaps Winmugen does not accept minus in color array designation of font files, which is the cause.   You can solve it by modifying the corresponding font



About debug mode

  Please execute mugen_debug.exe.

  It starts up in a state where font designation is normal (f-4x9.fnt is used).

Confusing i understand, but it is all the info i got, and this Winmugen is one of the better ones out there, seems to be coded by someone who knows what he's doing








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