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Destiny Dio Playable Pinned File Destiny Dio Playable (悪咲3号氏+41氏+吉鲁氏+huate/...) : Playable version of Destiny Dio with bug fixes in the code. 《命 运迪奥 dio_destiny》 *A I update *Please read the whole description! *Only the Destiny.Dio's Special Mode(7P-10P), Final Mode(11P),... ... [more] (77.83 MB) 2nd December 2019 12214 / 3,014 51
Final Dio Brando Pinned File Final Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Dio's main form during the latter half of the DIO's World story arc, often called his 'High' or 'Awakened' form. Dio nears his physical peak after draining Joseph Joestar's blood. His appearance now... ... [more] (3.43 MB) 30th July 2009 76132 / 31,344 252
Jotaro Kujo Pinned File Jotaro Kujo (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: Jotaro Kujo (Stand: Star Platinum) When Joseph Joestar's grandson first appears, Jotaro is turning himself in to the police because he... ... [more] (3.22 MB) 30th July 2009 139443 / 55,226 426
Shadow Dio Pinned File Shadow Dio (Warusaki3) : Shadow Dio (Stand: None) Based on Dio when he is seen bathed in the shadows of his mansion, the version of him can be quite powerful. Shadow Dio does not have a visible face as an effect of the... ... [more] (3.00 MB) 30th July 2009 26191 / 10,289 51
Dio Brando Pinned File Dio Brando (Warusaki3) : Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer, Explodes BIO: "Za Warudo" "Toki wo tomare" "Kurae!" "Roada rollera da" "WRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYY!" "Muda muda muda muda muda muda muda..." "Soshite toki ga... ... [more] (3.47 MB) 30th July 2009 135526 / 51,418 430
Vanilla Ice (Iced) Pinned File Vanilla Ice (Iced) (Warusaki3) : Last update : 2011/09/07 vanillaice by warusaki3 Features: Stand bar, JoJoBa announcer and explodes Story: Vanil la Ice -also know as Iced in the USA- (Stand: Cream) Dio's most loyal... ... [more] (3.25 MB) 30th April 2009 18796 / 7,939 42
Jolyne Cujoh  (Color Separation) Jolyne Cujoh (Color Separation) (Amarimono (Edited...) : Now the shirt, eyes, limps, hair and some small details is separate, plus new pals. (12.92 MB) Today 140 / 23 4
Anubis Polnareff (Color Separation) Anubis Polnareff (Color Separation) (Warusaki3\Papiroska) : Added: - New Anime Pallete - New Portrait - and change sprites Silver Chariot Original: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/down...reff-warusa ki3 (2.21 MB) Yesterday 190 / 17 1
Jolyne Cujoh updated Jolyne Cujoh updated (Amarimono (Edited...) : After a long time, Jolyne has been released to be playable on Mugen,another from the Joestar family it is a beta version and some things are not finished yet i know I not done much *add... ... [more] (12.88 MB) 31st May 2020 454 / 82 8
Hol Horse from Iver Stone Mugen Hol Horse from Iver Stone Mugen (y.y) : Hol Horse from Iver Stone Mugen beta 2 with palette edit and AI Fix by SomeChinese. Portrait by: me ¡Enjoy! :gamer: (12.66 MB) 31st May 2020 137 / 7 0
Jolyne Cujoh Jolyne Cujoh (Amarimono) :  (13.55 MB) 31st May 2020 487 / 76 16
Jotaro (Part 6) Unfinished. Jotaro (Part 6) Unfinished. (Lucafio) : Okay guys, yeah, it's been a while. I just wanted to post the latest version of Jotaro 6. I had to use a different base for Jotaro because of the Time Stop bug. Hope you guys enjoy it, just keep in... ... [more] (7.83 MB) 28th May 2020 377 / 54 1
(Bad) Jolyne HFTF style update (Bad) Jolyne HFTF style update (Mugenid) : i change the color palette and made the portrait, my friend jackhack fixed the supper and down portrait (forgive me is a shit version, just use it for wait the incoming Amarimono jolyne beta) ... (20 Bytes) 27th May 2020 310 / 43 3
Johnny Joestar 1.0 Conversion Johnny Joestar 1.0 Conversion (Salami/Imperius) : Converted to Mugen 1.0 as requested on this thread: https://mugenarc hive.com/forums/showthrea d.php?41209-Characters-an d-stages-conversion-reque sts *Converted to Mugen 1.0 *Fixed overall... ... [more] (22.74 MB) 27th May 2020 214 / 34 2
Diego Brando 1.0 Conversion Diego Brando 1.0 Conversion (Redastrin/Smartplus5...) : Converted to Mugen 1.0 as requested on this thread: https://mugenarc hive.com/forums/showthrea d.php?41209-Characters-an d-stages-conversion-reque sts *Converted to Mugen 1.0 *Fixed overall... ... [more] (3.71 MB) 27th May 2020 262 / 70 4
Rubber Soul (Color Separation) V.3 Rubber Soul (Color Separation) V.3 (baddarkness/Naza15/P...) : In this update, I added a palette (more natural) and took the hierophant green sprites from the original Kakyoin! (25.26 MB) 26th May 2020 328 / 30 5
nukeasku color separation nukeasku color separation (ngi) : so i made color separation,added a new portrait made by discord user Diamond jack,added a new move in which he uses a shotgun and the animation from the regeneration move is replaced by a wry pose... ... [more] (4.14 MB) 25th May 2020 175 / 15 9
Diego beta 1.2 Diego beta 1.2 (Diego10041) : update https://b23.tv/BV 19C4y1h7QZ (8.93 MB) 25th May 2020 430 / 73 2
OVA DIO (Ova Pants, Jap ova voice) OVA DIO (Ova Pants, Jap ova voice) (Shio, sprites by me) : This is my second edit. This time I edited the sprites but is not finished, I worked on this for a few months and I made two pals for it. I will probaly end this soon because of the quarentine. I... ... [more] (3.72 MB) 25th May 2020 216 / 29 1
OVA DIO (Warusaki3) English Audio OVA DIO (Warusaki3) English Audio (TheMasterFlippy +...) : Here's my old OVA edit with the JP voice and oil tanker sprites, but now better. I changed his OVA voice to English because of the hate for his Japanese voice when I was watching JoJo OVA Videos and... ... [more] (13.45 MB) 25th May 2020 239 / 21 2
Crazy DIO Update Crazy DIO Update (吉鲁氏 + Naza15...) : I made a update for H-DIO (or call him crazy dio for censored name because the H#####i word) with some stuff I edited. I tried adding new hurt voices for H-DIO using the RPCS3 emulator for the ASB... ... [more] (28.09 MB) 23rd May 2020 442 / 56 1
Polnareff (Anime) Polnareff (Anime) (Nimame\Papiroska) : -added anime palette -added a portrait -fix sound original: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=29297-polnaref f-nimame I took it as a basis: https://mugenarchive.com/... ... [more] (7.27 MB) 23rd May 2020 417 / 107 4
William Zeppeli (Bug Fixed) William Zeppeli (Bug Fixed) (Amarimono (Edited...) : A lot of bugs fixed, now the pals work fine. also added a new death potrait. (8.49 MB) 22nd May 2020 246 / 72 4
William Zeppeli William Zeppeli (Amarimono (Edited...) : Hi everyone, it's me again.There was a great absence that I'm not going to tell about the reason I took the time to do a little Edit on Jonathan's mentor ... WILLIAM ZEPPELI ¿what is new? ... ... [more] (8.49 MB) 22nd May 2020 317 / 62 1
Midler HFTF and Anime Combination Midler HFTF and Anime Combination (montana) : I combined Hftf Midler with the anime high priestesses ¡Enjoy! :clap2: (2.84 MB) 19th May 2020 268 / 42 3
Requiem Giorno (Anime Voice) Requiem Giorno (Anime Voice) (Amarimono, Naza15) : Amarimono's Requiem Giorno, edited by Naza15 so Giorno and G.E.R look like in the anime. I just added the anime voice because the original one didn't had it. I don't know if he was going to add it so... ... [more] (6.59 MB) 19th May 2020 575 / 199 2
Ultimate Hol Horse with J geil Ultimate Hol Horse with J geil (y.y, Rin Satsuki) : From my Jojo Mugen. added J Geil in the background. Also i added my colour separation and anime voice path. (9.39 MB) 18th May 2020 260 / 79 0
Limp Bizkit Limp Bizkit (D (Edited by Naza15...) : From my Jojo Mugen. Added a Sport Max sprite made by @Strenton (918.7 KB) 18th May 2020 434 / 72 7
Hol Horse with J geil Hol Horse with J geil (y.y (Edited By...) : From my Jojo Mugen. added J Geil in the background. (9.36 MB) 18th May 2020 144 / 31 0
Risotto Nero (Anime) Risotto Nero (Anime) (metallica) : From my JoJo Mugen. A colour separation in him. (11.28 MB) 18th May 2020 348 / 72 0
Kami No DIO 'Anime VA" Kami No DIO 'Anime VA" (Warusaki3 and E.U.M) : I basically just replaced kami no DIO voice with asb and eoh voices, and made a custom palette (3.67 MB) 18th May 2020 195 / 12 3
Mini Vanilla Ice Mini Vanilla Ice (Humi) : It's Vanilla Ice's Alessi form from JoJo's bizarre adventure: heritage for the future. He is very cheap since he can easily pulverize your entire health bar with the very few attacks he has, which... ... [more] (1.42 MB) 18th May 2020 269 / 30 7
Baoh Asb palette and portrait fix Baoh Asb palette and portrait fix (supersandia2) : i fix the Portrait error, that happened because supersandia2 did not convert the image to indexed, and i changed the palette to asb style because i dont like so much the ova palette ¡Enjoy!... ... [more] (187.0 KB) 14th May 2020 293 / 44 5
baoh FINISHED baoh FINISHED (supersandia2) : after like 5 months or something like that i finally got my shit together and decided to make baoh, a lot of thanks to discord user Diamond jack for making sumire's walking animation, also i changed... ... [more] (193.1 KB) 12th May 2020 317 / 52 5
Jotaro Anime (Final Version) Jotaro Anime (Final Version) (Warusaki3\Mr.Giang\N...) : The definitive edit of Jotaro i probably will made. Now the belts are separated. Include 2 def, The classic Warusaki3 version as "jotaro.def" and the Giang version as... (14.54 MB) 9th May 2020 1246 / 318 5
Iggy (Anime) UPDATE Iggy (Anime) UPDATE (Gal129\Papiroska) : Today I have mastered more skills in creating a palette for characters. So I decided to finish Iggy. I spent about 3 hours on it. I hope you'll like it!!!:dirol::dirol::dirol : iggy by Gal129... ... [more] (3.60 MB) 7th May 2020 532 / 114 2
Shadow DIO (Jacket) Update Shadow DIO (Jacket) Update (Warusaki3 + S.Y...) : Here's a really interesting DIO edit with a jacket and shadow covered on his face, remake by S.Y. Now I updated him with some changes. He has now, the Shadow The World skin sprites and made by... ... [more] (9.95 MB) 30th April 2020 486 / 52 5
Shadow Final DIO Playable/ASB Voice Shadow Final DIO Playable/ASB Voice (Chronos) : A working playable version of Shadow Final DIO. I made him have a ASB voice also too using Enderwire, Juki2002, Shio, and Naza15's voice clips for DIO. He has some unused stuff, but should I upgrade... (9.87 MB) 28th April 2020 318 / 70 3
censored DIO censored DIO (KILLA DIO) : Warusaki3's final dio, but the blood is black (3.64 MB) 27th April 2020 320 / 27 5
manga DIO manga DIO (Warusaki3) : Manga DIO colors (8.23 MB) 26th April 2020 443 / 104 0
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