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Downloads: Disney VHS Shelf

Disney VHS Shelf

Uploaded by 9th June 2013
Author Author TheMasterGamerify
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  • Disney VHS Shelf

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22nd March 2019 at 06:34
@Urvy1A To whom though? The tapes are, in actuality, worthless. They posses no rare or vaulable material or elements, and the contents of each tape are non exclusive or unique. The only value or worth any of the old disney vault tapes has is placed upon it by an individual. A person wants those tapes bad enough they'll pay you for them. But then, what's the valueand worth of those tapes to said person that purchased them? You will get hungry, get hurt and have hospital bills, and need to pay rent. Those tapes won't help you with any of that. You try to sell the tapes to make your money back but realize no one else wants them. But maybe you can get lucky and find another person that thinks they are "worth" something and then buys them off you.

But no, those tapes are worth thousands of nothing. People have this mentality that, just because something is old or rare or worth something to them, it's valuable. To you yes. But in reality and to the world, no. Gold isn't even valuable, diamonds aren't even rare. *Shrugs*
New Challenger
29th September 2018 at 04:58
You're fighting on a goldmine, these tapes are worth thousands of dollars!