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Downloads: Nrvnqsr Chaos (AACC)

Nrvnqsr Chaos (AACC)

Uploaded by Nov 16, 2013
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Nero_AACC by ⑨ from Melty Blood AACC Ver1.07

Name: ネロ・カオス -Nrvnqsr_Chaos-
Author: ⑨
Update: 14/05/30
Version: Ver0.97
Compatibility: MUGEN 1.0

Features :
-3944 frames, 36 palettes
-Select styles and handicap during intro
-Power bar integrated

BIO: Nrvnqsr Chaos (ネロ・カオス, Nero Kaosu) is the tenth of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors. He is a living mass of chaotic matter analogous to a primordial soup, created from the accumulation of the lives of 666 creatures.

Nrvnqsr was originally an alchemist named Fabro Rowan (フォアブロ・ロワイン) from the Sea of Estray, a cluster of smaller sorcerer organizations on northern Europe. He developed a method at the apex of his magical research allowing him to absorb and merge his existence with the lives of other creatures in order to obtain immortality and ascend to the level of a Dead Apostle. He has existed for over a millennium, and developed into the accumulation of lives he absorbed with a collective consciousness, aligned with his will yet not entirely under his control and of nature beyond his own understanding. The understanding and control over the disordered dendrogram that is his body became his eternal thesis. Even though he is conscious that his mind is slowly fading by being united to the beasts, his ultimate desire is to come to understand the chaos that formed him even if he should be completely swallowed by that very same chaos.

Like many other vampires, he has taken his name from those given by the Church. "Nrvnqsr", phonetically spelled "Nero", was given to him as a play on words in Gematria by which the letters that compose it add up to 666, the so-called Number of the Beast. His second name,"Chaos", was given to him due to his nature as literal, squelching chaos similar to a primordial earth.
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  • Nrvnqsr Chaos (AACC)
  • Nrvnqsr Chaos (AACC)

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