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Ultra Omega Homero Simpson (UPDATE) Ultra Omega Homero Simpson (UPDATE) (Warner/MarioMarioGuy...) : New Ultra Omega updates for Homero Simpson! Fixed lose animation, New intro added and add other stuffs. :grin: (13.94 MB) 12th May 2020 322 / 57 2
Ultra Omega Homero Simpson Ultra Omega Homero Simpson (Warner/MarioMarioGuy...) : A spanish ultra omega edit of Homer Simpson with some new moves and stuffs. Enjoy!:shock_jaw_drop: (12.96 MB) 11th May 2020 130 / 9 0
Ultra Omega Homer Simpson Ultra Omega Homer Simpson (Warner/JudgeSpear/Ma...) : The final update for an ultra omega edit of Homer Simpson. GO CRAZY AND OMEGA! (11.43 MB) 10th May 2020 280 / 43 2
Dark Homer Dark Homer (Me) : At first I thought I lost this character completely, cause I forgot that I saved it on my non-corrupted 1.0 roster. It's just a simple Cheap Homer Type edit with a cheaper 12p. (7.50 MB) 9th May 2020 189 / 41 1
Homer's Day Homer's Day (Warner el Tochix,...) : https://twitter.com/GcNin tendo/status/124198170155 2615426 A chaotic joke edit of Homer based on this video: https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=h2VBImbOdCQ (40.60 MB) 24th March 2020 796 / 94 0
Bart Simpson Bart Simpson (MarioMarioGuyFan11) : I made a little better Bart Simpson for MUGEN. Using Marion as a base. This character is a beta, I hope someone will edit or update on him. (2.37 MB) 31st January 2020 1031 / 363 5
Homer Simpson X Homer Simpson X (Warner/Syunsuke/DDR/...) : Hello this is my new edit made with some help of my peeps people and others too... this is a special version where the character can make combo like MvC(Marvel vs Capcom) and other stuff.. -Added... ... [more] (23.23 MB) 24th January 2020 1513 / 208 10
S. Homer with winquotes S. Homer with winquotes (Warner,JudgeSpear,...) : A edit with simplified commands for the super attacks and new winquotes. I tried adding unique winquotes but my game crashed so i didn`t add them. (21.77 MB) 29th December 2019 400 / 35 0
JS Homer 2.2 JS Homer 2.2 (Judgespear &...) : One of the most old versions of Judgespear's english Homer. (7.48 MB) 23rd December 2019 1520 / 811 2
Marge Tak Marge Tak (Shadowtak) : An odd, glitchy version of Marge that can shoot beams from a vacuum and can guard with Captain America's shield. Dates to somewhere in the 2000s. (38.4 KB) 22nd November 2019 343 / 51 0
Krusty [extremely old version] Krusty [extremely old version] (warner) : I think this is the first version of Krusty that warner made. Contains a different portrait, vastly different gameplay, and less moves. Also a spriteswap of Qkrtkf's Birdie. Dates to somewhere around... (3.11 MB) 22nd November 2019 755 / 209 1
Homer Simpson Style DDR Homer Simpson Style DDR (Warner/Syunsuke/DDR) : This time, as a continuation of the previous DDR Style Cinnamon, we added a DDR style homer. Enjoy!!:grin: (9.10 MB) 26th October 2019 1762 / 781 3
Bartman Bartman (tunglashorx) : https://youtu.be/mzO6_QHr UkQ (12.61 MB) 8th October 2019 1136 / 240 1
Kang Kang (tunglashorx) : https://youtu.be/mzO6_QHr UkQ (19.46 MB) 8th October 2019 660 / 135 1
Marge (New English Version) Marge (New English Version) (tunglashorx) : Here's a demonstration https://youtu.be/mzO6_Q HrUkQ (13.64 MB) 8th October 2019 1014 / 271 4
Sozzled Homer Sozzled Homer (Warner,anomi polis) : A Homer edit that makes big changes to Homer, Like adding new hypers and specials. (11.34 MB) 23rd September 2019 1144 / 220 0
Itchy (The Itchy & Scratchy Show) Itchy (The Itchy & Scratchy Show) (Marcioleo123) : I really hope you like it! :smile: :smile: :smile: (187.2 KB) 13th September 2019 835 / 221 2
Krusty (AI update 9/2/19) Krusty (AI update 9/2/19) (Warner, BobaFett) : Adjusted the conditions for when he will attempt some moves. Improved jump AI, added walk/air jump AI. Now makes use of MUGEN 1.0's difficulty settings. Original char: https://mugenarchive.com/... ... [more] (2.27 MB) 2nd September 2019 919 / 400 0
Bartman (AI patched) Bartman (AI patched) (Warner, BobaFett) : Original char: https://mugenarchive.com/ forums/downloads.php?do=f ile&id=91401-bartman- july-2018-update-warner Built using Netyzh's AI Generator, finished by me: https://mugenarchive.com/... ... [more] (4.80 MB) 2nd September 2019 882 / 414 1
Barney Grumble Barney Grumble (MarioMarioGuyFan11) : A spriteswap of Jay_High19's Kool Aid Man. I hope you sure get tired of him crying "YOOOO! BARP!" and his Burp sound effect every time on his two attacks at any point! (41.5 KB) 23rd August 2019 796 / 245 0
Moe Moe (MarioMarioGuyFan11) : Spriteswap of Burninggodzillalord's Chester Cheetah. Stick with Moe! Stick with him! (16.3 KB) 23rd August 2019 951 / 284 3
Homer Simpson (ENGLISH) Homer Simpson (ENGLISH) (Warner (English...) : I've wanted to make an english soundpack from Warner's last update of Homer Simpson. (5.04 MB) 25th July 2019 1928 / 921 5
Homero Simpson Edit Homero Simpson Edit (warner, PedroMUGEN) : ESPAÑOL Este Homero esta en español, es un edit del Homero original de Warner Cortez Debo decir que no parece la gran cosa pero agregue unos sprites, yo edité animaciones y puse nuevos sonidos... ... [more] (10.63 MB) 30th June 2019 872 / 93 2
Homer Simpson (AI patched) Homer Simpson (AI patched) (Team S.M.R.T, The...) : He should use most attacks at close range now. In particular, his stand attacks will now follow the same rules as human players. Added jump AI. Will consider running in more often. Now uses Mugen... ... [more] (44.82 MB) 21st June 2019 658 / 115 1
Homer Homer (TheMockery) : Character that was originally for a project, but since the leader of the project, @anawesomegamer, and I had a recent falling-out (Please don't ask about it, I don't want to mention the details.), I... ... [more] (4.32 MB) 8th June 2019 1853 / 701 2
Krusty (AI, English) (3/13/19 upd) Krusty (AI, English) (3/13/19 upd) (Warner, Unknown,...) : I was able to find a more up-to-date version of the anonymous author's English voicepack. I've also tweaked the AI so he will consider running in more often. Again, I forgot to delete the older... (4.59 MB) 13th March 2019 1241 / 657 1
Not Bart Simpson Not Bart Simpson (MarioMarioGuyFan11) : A STUPID CRAPPY JOKE EDIT OF UNKNOWN AUTHOR'S BART! BASH HIM NOW!:shock_jaw_drop::shoc k_jaw_drop::shock_jaw_dro p::shock_jaw_drop::shock_ jaw_drop::shock_jaw_drop: :shock_jaw_drop: (175.3 KB) 9th March 2019 730 / 40 4
Ultra Omega Homer Simpson V3 Ultra Omega Homer Simpson V3 (MarioMarioGuyFan11/B...) : I have updated him by adding and fixing a few stuffs and adding a Bart helper from the outdated version. (10.07 MB) 27th January 2019 2752 / 698 1
Bart Bart (mugenz12) : Last updated 12/30/18. A Bart with a plethora of references to other media built off the EoH template that contains slow and clunky moves, weirdly done hurtboxes, and numerous other bugs. Stick with... ... [more] (10.24 MB) 15th January 2019 2270 / 446 4
Burns Vampiro Burns Vampiro (Warner) : This appears to be the very first version of Warner's "Vampire Burns" (aka "Burns Dracula") character, dating just about a month and a half before the version that was under the name "Burns Dracula".... ... [more] (9.38 MB) 14th January 2019 1358 / 545 2
3D Homer Simpson [original] 3D Homer Simpson [original] (John_MacEnroe) : Last updated 07/31/2004 I noticed that only the Mortal Kombat Project edit of him that changes his gameplay a bit and adds some new moves was uploaded onto here, so I figured "why not upload the... ... [more] (1.95 MB) 8th January 2019 794 / 202 0
3D Homer (AI patched) 3D Homer (AI patched) (John_MacEnroe,...) : I actually didn't test the original's AI, but it only had like four commands so I decided to redo it. Sadly, this character doesn't have hypers. (3.11 MB) 7th January 2019 589 / 187 1
Homer (UPDATED 12/21/18) Homer (UPDATED 12/21/18) (Warner) : Latest update. Adds a few compatibility animations with the aforementioned author's other characters. (5.76 MB) 21st December 2018 2481 / 1,058 2
Marge Simpson (English, AI patched) Marge Simpson (English, AI patched) (Warner, WlanmaniaX,...) : Warner's Marge, WlanmaniaX's English voices, and my AI in one package. (11.45 MB) 13th December 2018 2590 / 763 3
Burns Dracula (English, AI patched) Burns Dracula (English, AI patched) (Warner, aa250,...) : Burns Dracula with aa250's English voice patch and my AI patch. (7.60 MB) 3rd December 2018 1163 / 469 0
Hugo Simpson (AI patched) Hugo Simpson (AI patched) (warner, BobaFett) : Hugo Simpson by Warner with new AI by me. (2.28 MB) 2nd December 2018 1269 / 595 0
Kang (English, AI patched) Kang (English, AI patched) (Warner, BobaFett) : Includes my custom AI and an English voice pack from an unknown creator. (8.95 MB) 1st December 2018 1534 / 654 0
Krusty the Clown (English, w/ AI) Krusty the Clown (English, w/ AI) (Warner, BobaFett) : Re-upload of my previous AI patch with the full character included. I have also replaced the sound file with an old English one from 2013 from an apparently anonymous creator. (2.42 MB) 30th November 2018 1231 / 503 1
Marge Simpson (English voice ver.) Marge Simpson (English voice ver.) (Warner,...) : Thanks to pizzasause2000 for making the English voice file to Warner's Marge Simpson. Without further ado, here's the English version of Marge Simpson. (3.07 MB) 13th November 2018 1218 / 434 1
Homer Simpson V2.5.6 (French voice) Homer Simpson V2.5.6 (French voice) (Team S.M.A.R.T) : https://www.youtube.com/w atch?v=PTZ5fYQIgIk&t= 62s (44.23 MB) 10th October 2018 1771 / 173 2
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