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Madara Uchiha

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Mar 25, 2020
Author Author Salah Uchiha
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Ok, so first I want to say that I love this char. It is easily the greatest Madara char that exists to this date and it is so fun to play with. Unfortunately... Salah messed up with the A.I. on this one. In addition to the fact that he tried to play it off as a JUS char when it just clearly isn't, he also made it so that the Rikudou and Sussano transformations are pretty much impossible for the A.I. to perform. The char also spams way too many moves and becomes an unbalanced addition to any roster because of it. I messed around with the A.I. using the limited knowledge I have but frankly, there is too much wrong and too much I don't know about coding for me to make this char perfect. Specifically what I changed was the Susanno and Rikudou modes along with some of his attacks. Now the A.I. can activate both transformations and, besides spamming the Perfect Susanoo way too much, I have made it so that most of the moves will not be spammed as much allowing for the char to showcase all of his abilities in a full match. I also removed the Sharingan sense thing because he tends to dodge attacks better in his base anyways. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could pick up my task and segment the Susanoo transformations similar to what Salah tried to do but within the A.I. CNS doc so that you could set each one individually to transform under whichever circumstances you wish. I also resized the char so that I could fit better with other NZC chars.
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  • Madara Uchiha
  • Madara Uchiha

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